• Three Career Services workshops
  • Two International Services workshops

Career Services workshops

In order to satisfy the International Plus requirements, three out of four Career Services workshops must be satisfied. They are Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Interview Skills and Portfolio Development.

These can now be completed online!

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International Services workshops

Assessing your International I.Q. workshop

This interactive workshop is designed to assist individuals to discover how much knowledge they have about cultures and countries around the world. Even if you believe you have a vast amount of knowledge about the world, you will be surprised at some of the interesting international elements you will learn at this workshop! You’ll have fun, discover your knowledge of the world around you, and educate yourself.

Art of Crossing Cultures workshop

This workshop was developed in order to familiarize individuals with the experience of travelling to a different culture. The workshop focuses on a variety of areas, including Culture Shock, Cultural Communication, Ethnocentricism, Cultural Identity, and much more. A unique and valuable perception is developed through this workshop by recognizing how we see ourselves and how those in other cultures view us.

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