International Plus

International Plus is a partnership between Career Services and Brock International Services. It’s purpose is to increase the global and cultural awareness of students through volunteer placements that spark interactions with people from around the world. International Plus falls under the umbrella of the Experience Plus program.

There are three primary components to the program: workshops, lectures, and exposure hours. When the requirements for each of these areas are met, the student is awarded an International Plus Certificate. All of the workshops, lectures, and volunteer work you have done will be tracked through Experience Plus, so your efforts will be well documented and readily displayed.

Certificate requirements:

International Plus is beneficial for everyone, particularly those with the following interests:

  • A general interest in countries and cultures within and beyond Canada
  • An internship abroad or an internship involving some sort of international orientation
  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Student exchange/study abroad
  • Travelling outside of North America

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