Become a Homestay Student

Please read the information below before proceeding with your application to become a Brock Homestay Student.

Applications are not considered complete and will not be processed until payment has been received. All information is required. Click here for a guide to paying your deposit.

Please click here for more information on what to expect, and tips for a positive Homestay experience. All Homestay families have attended information sessions, been interviewed, and their home has been inspected to ensure it meets the requirements.

Please understand that Canada is a multicultural country made up of people from different backgrounds; Canadians are proud of this diversity and celebrate it. Homestay families may be couples or single people, with or without children. Sometimes they are older people whose children no longer live at home. Some Homestay families live in apartments and others live in houses. All families have agreed to provide you with a furnished room and to treat you as a member of the family. All Homestay families speak English as either a first or subsequent language.

  • Keeping their room tidy and clean – this means no food in the room, garbage emptied regularly, making their bed, and vacuuming regularly.
  • Cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom.
  • Cleaning up after themselves in the rest of the home.
  • Communicating with the family if they are going to be late or won’t be home for dinner.
  • Following house rules and routines.
  • Communicating in English with the family every day!

Your transportation instructions are included in your “Homestay Family Introduction Letter”, so please read it carefully when you receive it in your email.

Students are responsible for communicating with their Homestay family the date and time of their arrival.

Homestay families do not pick students up at the airport at any time. It is the students responsibility to provide their own transportation from the airport to their Homestay family home.  We recommend to book prior to your arrival through Niagara Air Bus, using code 463 for a 10% discount.

If you are arriving after 10 p.m. local time, using nearby hotel accommodations is recommended.

If you are part of a “Special Group” that has arranged bus transportation with Brock, you will be picked up at the airport and brought to the Brock International Centre where your Homestay family will pick you up and take you home.

Students in ESL Services will receive a city bus pass on the first day of the program. International students not in ESL Services may be required to purchase their own bus pass. Homestay families are not responsible for transportation to school (with the exception of the first day of the program).

SessionHomestay Fee# of WeeksPlacement Fee
Spring 2020 (May 4 to August 14)with Meals: $800.00/month without Meals: $500.00/month8$200.00
Summer 2020 (July 6 – August 7)with Meals: $850.00 without Meals: $525.005$150.00
Fall 2020 (September 8 – December 18)with Meals: $800.00/month without Meals: $500.00/month14$200.00
Winter 2021 (January 4 – April 16)with Meals: $800.00/month without Meals: $500.00/month14$200.00
Spring 2021 (May 3 – August 13)with Meals: $800.00/month without Meals: $500.00/month14$200.00
  1. Applications for Homestay are due no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of a term. Applications received after this time is considered late. Early application is encouraged.
  2. The Homestay placement fee is not refundable.
  3. Your first Homestay payment is due no later than four (4) days after your arrival to Canada.
  4. Monthly payments to the Homestay family are due the first of each month.
  5. A late Homestay registration fee of $100.00 will be charged if your application is received less than 4 weeks prior to the session start date. Deposits for late applications are NOT refundable.
  6. Applications for Homestay are subject to availability. Homestay availability cannot be guaranteed. If Homestay is full you will be notified and given a choice to cancel your application or join the waitlist. Homestay deposits will be refunded if we are unable to find a Homestay placement for you.
  7. Brock University’s Homestay Program is especially helpful for International students who are actively looking to improve their English language skills and learn more about Canadian culture. The student and family are matched according to the application form. Brock University is not able to guarantee that all of your requests will be met; however, we will make the best match possible according to Homestay availability.
  8. Homestay with meals includes food for 3 meals per day plus drinks and snacks. Usually dinnertime is the only time that the family is home together to share and converse. It is very common for students in Homestay to make their own breakfast and prepare a packed lunch to take to school. Participants who choose Homestay without meals will purchase and prepare all meals on their own. They will have access to the family kitchen for storing and cooking food. All linens, bedding, and the use of laundry facilities are included in the Homestay program. Please note that you must supply your own toiletries such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.
  9. Basic Internet is included in Homestay. Internet usage is restricted and should be limited to email, social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), and Skype. Students should not watch movies, TV shows, videos, play games, or download music or language packs. Internet usage is limited and expensive in Canada. Please note: if your internet usage results in extra charges to the family you will be responsible for paying them. Internet access is available at Brock University free of charge for students!
  10. The Introduction Letter sent to Homestay families and students is the contract between parties.  Students and families are under contract for the period of the term stated in the Introduction letter.  Changes cannot be made from meals to no-meals during the term of this contract. Changes in Homestay can only be made by completing a change of Homestay 30 days prior to the move out date, and with proof of the $100 administration fee.  Students with terms 6 weeks and shorter may not apply for a change of Homestay.  All changes must be approved by the coordinator or ESL manager only.  Emergency changes for healthy and safety reason will be determined by the coordinator or the ESL manager.
  11. It is necessary for you to pay a deposit of $200.00 to Brock University and fill out a “Request to Extend Homestay” form for each term you wish to stay in Homestay. The Request to extend Homestay form and Homestay deposit must be submitted to ESL Services 8 weeks before the start of a term. Applications to extend Homestay received after this time may be denied.

For more information, e-mail or call 688-5550 ext. 5029.