Business English ESL Program

This two-week Intensive Business English course provides the learner with the essential language skills needed to be successful in today’s business world. By focusing on communicating in a professional business setting, learners will quickly engage with the material and feel confident. New this year is a more advanced course textbook to reflect the language abilities of the Hosei University candidates for 2017.

Our approach features business case studies from each of the business disciplines that develop into business tasks and role plays. By joining classroom tasks with our extracurricular events we are able to create a real world business environment that learners will enjoy.

Program Features:

  • Real-world case studies offer authentic and engaging insights into key business issues
  • Practical, functional language presented and practiced in a work-related context
  • Extracurricular events that support the language lessons
  • Enhanced CV/resume support
  • Networking opportunities to practice business for global communication

For more information on this program, and its availability, please contact