Intercultural Awareness Programs

Participate in our ongoing programming, and workshops to enhance your ability to effectively communicate with people from different countries, and backgrounds.

Changing demographics are bringing people of different backgrounds, and cultures closer together. With more than 100 countries represented on campus, we’re here to create a more inclusive, equitable, and welcoming place for all.

To support the Brock community, new programming is available for faculty, staff, and students to develop the intercultural competence to work more effectively, and respectfully across our differences.

Intercultural competence refers to highly developed knowledge, skills and attitudes for working effectively with culturally different people. There are three main factors for intercultural development are self-awareness, respectful curiosity and empathy.

By building on these factors, students will acquire a highly sought-after skill set for success in today’s workplace.

Discover how you can develop your intercultural awareness below:

Intercultural training and development for students

International Plus falls under the umbrella of the Experience Plus programming offered at Brock University. Participate in this program to increase your global, and cultural awareness through experiential and reflective learning opportunities, and volunteer placements that spark interactions with people from around the world.

The Intercultural certificate is a new program for the Fall 2018 semester.

The purpose of the certificate is to equip students with the knowledge, skills. and attitudes that will help increase capacity to work well with culturally different people. The certification consists of three, two-hour workshops, two online modules on, and one 500-word reflection paper OR a two-minute video reflection submission that briefly explains your key learning, takeaways, and how you plan to build on the knowledge and experience you gained.

Learn more about the Intercultural Certificate program here.

Get the most out of your co-curricular experiences on campus. Some of the workshops and lectures offered through Brock Intercultural Services meet the requirements for the Campus Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) in areas such as Diversity and Inclusion, and Global Awareness.

Learn more about the Campus Wide Co-Curriculum here.

Intercultural training and development for faculty & staff

The Intercultural Certificate for faculty, and staff is designed to increase intercultural awareness, and facilitate a respectful, inclusive environment for working, and learning.

The workshops offer faculty, and staff the opportunity to build effective solutions for some of the challenges experienced when dealing with culturally different students, and colleagues. With deeper self-awareness, respectful curiosity, and empathy built in to all programming, this certification supports ongoing learning, and development. The certification includes:

  • Course 1 — Introduction to Intercultural awareness (2 hours, in person)
  • Course 2 — Intercultural competence building (2 hours, in person)
  • Course 3 — Unconscious bias awareness (2 hours, in person
  • Online Unconscious Bias course on (About 1 hour online, completion receipt required)

The certificate supports Brock’s strategic priorities around internationalization as well as creating a respectful, and inclusive work culture.

Registration is available through HR Focus on Learning.

  • If you have a larger group, scheduling difficulties or specialized need, we can work with you to design, and deliver custom workshops.
  • If you are a manager or director interested in getting your team certified but they are unable to attend the workshops through Focus on Learning, we can bring the workshops to you.

For questions, specialized services or more information, please contact Jesse Barraza, Manager, International Learning Programs at x4698 or by email at

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