International Development Week at Brock

For the first full week of February, Canadian organizations — including Brock University — come together as part of International Development Week (IDW) to celebrate their contributions to eradicating poverty and fostering a more peaceful, inclusive and prosperous world.

2024 International Development Week at Brock runs from Feb. 4 to 10.

IDW at Brock is a series of events aiming to shed light on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Watch the video to learn more.

Graphic of a colour wheel representing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

What is Brock doing to support the Sustainable Development Goals?

Learn about each SDG and how the goal is being tackled at Brock University, in the Niagara Region, and how you can make an individual impact!

Photo of arms and hands raised with image of world map overlaid on top.

Why participate in IDW?

IDW events are intended to help you to build on your core competencies through a global perspective. Learning about international development and understanding the SDGs enables you to become an active participant in an increasingly globalized economy. With many organizations focusing on sustainability through the lens of the 17 SDGs, your participation in IDW events at Brock can help prepare you to be part of the next generation of global sustainability leaders.

International Development Week 2024 - Events

A full listing of events related to this year’s IDW events will be available on ExperienceBU.