Certificate for Success

Track your experience and involvement by completing the Certificate for Success program. This program will help you further develop your professional and personal skills to grow your portfolio for the Canadian workplace.


You must complete the following workshops:

A. Two of the following Academic & Language Support Workshops

  • APA citation
  • Working In Groups
  • Improving Academic Vocabulary
  • Writing Academic Summaries

B. Understanding the Canadian Job Market workshop

C. One networking event (Facilitated by Brock University)

You must complete four workshops available through:

A-Z Learning Services

Brock International Services

Career Education

Student Wellness

You must complete 30 hours of community service available through BUSU student clubs, Student Life and Community Experience, City of St. Catharines, or the Niagara region.

More Information

All your achievements under this program will be recorded on your Experience Plus transcript. Once completed, you will receive a printed certificate and your Experience Plus transcript up to that date.