Celebration of Nations

Come celebrate Brock’s multicultural community on Feb. 7th in Market Hall.

Celebration of Nations

Two students representing their country at the Celebration of Nations

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View of Pond Inlet of the Celebration of Nations

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Celebration of Nations is an annual event showcasing Brock’s multicultural diversity.

On Feb. 7, Market Hall will be transformed as members of Brock’s international community come together to share various foods, traditions and artifacts with faculty, staff and students interested in learning more about their cultural mosaic.

For international members of Brock’s community, the Celebration of Nations is a great opportunity to represent your home country and highlight unique aspects of your culture to others.

For Brock’s domestic community, it deepens our understanding of the world outside of Canada and provides a valuable opportunity to learn more about cultural traditions and values without leaving campus.

Join us on Thursday, Feb. 7 in Market Hall!

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