Brock English Placement Test (BEPT)

The Brock English Placement Test (BEPT) is a test designed to assess your level of proficiency in the English language. A successful score on the test will satisfy Brock’s English proficiency requirement for direct entry into Undergraduate Studies.

Why take the BEPT?

  1. Affordability

    • BEPT costs $150 to write, which is cheaper than other internationally recognized tests.
  2. Fast results
    • Expect results within 5 business days
    • Brock understands that waiting for your test results can be stressful. By taking the BEPT, you will have peace of mind knowing that you won’t need to wait weeks to receive your results.
  3. Accredited Alternative
    • If you’re facing challenges successfully passing other internationally recognized tests, the BEPT is a great alternative to meet the English proficiency requirement needed for direct entry into Brock University.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Any student considering applying to Brock University for undergraduate studies where their first language is not English

The BEPT test is accepted by Brock University for undergraduate level studies

Minimum overall score of 600, with no subtest below 500

2 pieces of photo ID (Ex. Passport, driving license, health card, and/or student card)

The test will be distributed into 3 parts:

  • First part is online and will cover reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar (50 minutes)
  • Second part is a writing test (50 minutes)
  • Third part is a speaking test (10-20 minutes)

Results will be provided online within 5 business days

The test takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete

Please complete the online registration form below if you are interested in writing the BEPT.

If you are interested in having the BEPT organized at your school please contact us by email at