About us

We strive to make a genuine difference to the Brock community by using a risk-based approach to audit planning, fostering relationships based on trust and transparency, focusing on proactively identifying key risks and controls, and delivering value in all that we do.

Who we are

We’re a small audit shop whose primary objective is to independently assess the strength of the University’s risk and control processes. However, we’re much more than a traditional audit department. We focus on adding value, be it through consulting engagements, value for money reviews or traditional risk and control based audits. If you have any questions, whether related to risk and controls, process consultation or seeking advice, we’d like to hear from you.

Internal Audit Services reports directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees and on an administrative basis to the Vice-President, Administration.

What we do

Internal Audit Services strives to provide value to the University by:

  • Developing informed opinions and recommendations based on objective and subjective factors, taking into consideration various contexts
  • Developing methodologies consistent with Internal Audit Association’s requirements for Universities
  • Performing control reviews
  • Performing process improvements and redesign
  • When necessary, carrying out special projects and investigations

Our objectives

  • To act as a trusted consultative and advisory resource
  • To enable holistic operational improvement by using both objective and subjective factors to develop informed opinions
  • To support the University’s Enterprise Risk Management processes
  • To build productive working relationships within the University
  • To provide the Audit Committee, Executive, and Management with an opinion on the strength of the University’s risk management and control processes and, in doing so, supporting the effective stewardship of public assets and helping Brock work towards realizing its goals and objectives
  • Demonstrate integrity and objectivity in support of the fair and accurate assessment of risks and reporting of audit results
  • Build trust and credibility in all interactions with management, staff and directors through open, ongoing and respectful communication
  • Demonstrate commitment to increasing risk and control awareness and understanding across the University