SMA Metrics

This page contains an overview of Brock’s available metrics.


To make a difference in the lives of individuals in our Brock community, Niagara Region, Canada, and the world.


To provide undergraduate and professional education of the highest quality, while continuing to expand graduate programs that are integrated into Brock’s growing reputation for excellence in research and innovation.

Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) Areas

Jobs, Innovation and Economic Development

  • Entrep Activ – SMA B1a
  • BioLinc Bus – SMA B1b
  • Local Gov – SMA B1c

Student Population

  • 1st Gen Enrl – SMA B3a
  • 1st Gen Retn – SMA B3b
  • Abor Enrl – SMA B3c
  • Abor Retn – SMA B3d

Research and Graduate Education

  • SMA 4e – Grad/UG deg
  • SMA S4f – PHD/UG Deg
  • SMA S4g – Grad/UG Stud
  • SMA S4h – TriCou Fund
  • SMA S4i – Pubs
  • SMA S4j – Citns
  • SMA S4k – Citn Impact
  • SMA S4l – Int/Dom Grad
  • SMA S4m – Intl Glob Rnk
  • SMA B4a – Transd Pro
  • SMA B4b – Comm Partnr

Program Offerings

  • Emplyr Needs – SMA B5a

Institutional Collaboration to support student mobility

  • Coll/Univ Agmt – SMA S6a
  • College Grads – SMA S6c
  • SMA B6a – Prog Type
  • SMA B6b – Artc Agmt Grads
  • SMA B6c – Colleg Grads
  • SMA B6d – Befor Adm
  • SMA B6e – Coll Grad Bfr
  • SMA B6f – Coll Grads from Blended

27 Key Performance Metrics related to Brock's Strategic Plan (SP)

Serve the social, cultural and economic well-being of the University

Develop Brock’s excellent Human Resources.

Encourage transdisciplinary initiatives

Enhance mutually beneficial community engagement.

Practice accountability, fiscal responsibility

Establish a sustainable financial framework.