PowerApps is an application for building and using custom business apps that connect your data and work across the web. Users can build apps fast with a point-and-click approach to app design. Apps can be created from scratch or from one of many templates provided by PowerApps.

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Browsers may block the launch of a URL or website that is in protected mode or a lower security zone than the website in which the app is loaded. To resolve this issue, change the security and privacy settings in your browser.

You cannot upload a custom image to use as an app icon in PowerApps, however, there are ways to work around this. You can use one of the icons provided by PowerApps Studio for Windows and customize the background. Or you can use PowerApps Studio for web to upload a custom image.

If an app you have created suddenly stops working without warning, it may be because you have not updated or re-published it in the last six months. To resolve this issue, simply update and/or re-publish your app to sync it with the latest version of PowerApps. Ensure you continue to update and/or re-publish your app within six months of last publishing it.