Planner is a simple and highly visual way to organize teamwork. Teams can easily create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about work, and get updates on progress. You may also create a Planner for individual work to track your own progress.

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Planner is either public or private. You select a plan type when the plan is first created and can change it afterwards. To change the privacy setting of an existing plan, select the three dots to the right of the plan name and select Edit Plan. In the Edit pop-up box, choose Yes or No under Make This Plan Public.

If a plan is public it can be seen by staff and faculty on the Brock intranet. Private plans can only be viewed by members allowed into the group.

After a plan is deleted, there will be a retention period of 30 days before permanent deletion. If you wish to restore a plan within the 30 days, contact the ITS Help Desk.

Yes, a task’s status can be set to Started, In Progress, or Completed, and therefore tracked.

You can assign checklist items to a task. Each checklist item is independent of the other and is either in a uncompleted (unchecked) or completed (checked) state.

Not yet. A mobile app may be available soon, but at this point Planner is only available online.