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Desktop is Microsoft’s most current Professional Office suite of full featured applications that get installed onto your devices. Students, Faculty and Staff can install it on 5 computers, tablets and mobile devices at home or work. It also integrates seamlessly into the Office 365 Online suite of applications.

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Each user can install Office on any 5 devices (PC, Mac, tablets and phones).

Office 365 Desktop will stop working fully once an account is no longer licensed/active with Brock. It will go into a very limited state until you associate an updated/active account, purchased by yourself or from another institution.

There are a few known reasons why the installation process may fail below:

  • Existing programs were still running during the installation. All running programs need to be closed before installing Office Desktop.
  • The computer account being used to install Office Desktop does not have administrative rights.
  • The KACE agent is not installed on the computer (for computers on Campus domain without administrative rights).

When a computer has been ‘joined’ or made part of the Brock ‘Campus’ domain, it’s fully integrated into the network for security policies and many other convenience benefits.  Others that are ‘not on Campus domain’ are usually personal or restricted computers.

Installing Office Desktop may take between 5 – 30 minutes to complete. Wired connections will deliver a better experience than when being connected to WiFi.

If the Install Now button is missing, it is most commonly due to the computer not having the KACE agent installed.  Contact the Help Desk for assistance.

The new version of Outlook should migrate profile data from previous versions of Outlook automatically.  If the migration fails, follow the instructions below to add an account.

Add email account: Office 2016 for PC/Windows

Add email account: Office 2016 for Mac/OS X

The new version of Outlook should connect archive folders. The archives are stored in the same place and are not moved or changed during the upgrade process. If any folders are missing from view, read Adding Archive Folders to Outlook 2016 to connect them to Outlook.

The installation process does not remove previous version of Office. Applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from previous versions of Office can be opened in the event that features such as Mail Merge or Add-ons don’t work properly with the new versions. Outlook however is upgraded during the installation process.

Yes, it is a great practice to keep system performance optimal, but it is highly recommended to thoroughly test the use of Macros, Mail Merge and Add-ons in Desktop before removing previous versions. Otherwise, previous versions can be uninstalled with the following methods:

Uninstall Office 2010 – Self Service for on-campus computers

Uninstall Office 2013 – Self Service for on-campus computers

To remove, office from non-campus computers, uninstall previous Office versions from the Control Panel\Programs.

Submit a Security Access Request Form on BrockDB and wait to be contacted by ITS with payment instructions.