Sakai/Isaak is a web based Learning Management System (LMS). It facilitates learning by creating private communities for the exchange of information such as dates, files, notes, and other resources. The site also provides communication tools including mail and discussion boards.

Existing web-based materials can be uploaded to Sakai/Isaak. Content, such as PowerPoint files, can be converted to PDF or other formats and added to Sakai/Isaak.

You may also link to external web resources that are not part of the Sakai/Isaak.

Students are automatically added to courses through the Brock Registrar Office’s records. Technical support for students is provided by the Help Desk and Lab Advisors on campus.

Sakai/Isaak is located at and is accessed with your CampusID.

If you are having any issues logging into Sakai/Issak please go to to confirm that your CampusID is activated and that your are able to login.

If you have forgotten your CampusID password, instructions for resetting your password can be found on the FAQ page.

Ensure that you can login to the Brock Portal with your CampusID. If you are unable to login to the portal, see the FAQ page for more information.

If you are able to login to the Brock Portal but not Sakai/Isaak this may be because your CampusID was created before the Sakai/Isaak system was implemented or Sakai/Isaak access was never added to your account. To resolve this submit a Security Access Request Form (SARF) online through your Administrative Assistant to have Sakai/Isaak added to your account.

An extensive FAQ covering a number of topics relating to students, faculty, and staff is available on the Sakai/Isaak FAQ page.

More information is available through the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation.