Forms is an analytical data platform. Users can create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily share them over any web browser or mobile device. As results are submitted, they can be evaluated using built-in analytics. Once data is gathered, it can easily be exported to Excel for further evaluation.

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When you share a form to collaborate, a special link is created which allows others to view, edit, and delete the design and responses of the form. Open the form you wish to share and select Share, then Get a Link to View and Edit. You can now copy the link and send it to any others you wish to share the form with.

Yes, you can share the form as a template, which creates a special link for others to duplicate the form in their own profile and make changes to it. When a form is duplicated through a template link it does not contain any response data. Open the form you wish to duplicate and click Share, then Get a Link to Duplicate. Copy the link and share it with others to allow them to access the template.

Yes, once a form is created you can select Open in Excel to create an Excel workbook that is automatically stored on OneDrive or SharePoint. The data on the workbook is live data connected to your form, and any new response data from your form will be reflected in the workbook. Occasionally, the workbook may not contain up-to-date data for many reasons. In this case, Forms will provide you with an alert and will ask if you wish to create a new workbook to sync your most recent response data. The new workbook will be stored next to the original workbook on OneDrive or SharePoint.

Unfortunately no, there is no way to recover a deleted form. When you delete a form the responses are permanently deleted. If you accidentally delete a form, you will have to recreate it from scratch and collect new responses.