Delve is a data visualization and discovery platform that combines social media and Office 365. It is known as an “authoring canvas,” and allows users to use documents, videos, and images to express themselves in their Office 365 profile. Users can discover and organize information they find most interesting across Office 365. Using the search bar in Delve you are able to search across all of Office 365.

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No, only people who have access to see your documents in OneDrive or SharePoint can view them on Delve. Delve will never change permissions for documents. As well, all your private documents can only be seen by you. What you see is different from what others see.

No, documents are not stored is Delve so you can not delete the document from Delve directly. To delete a document you must delete it from where it is stored in Office 365, i.e. OneDrive or SharePoint. You can prevent others from seeing the document in Delve by changing the permissions on it to private.

On the document, select the Flag Icon on the bottom-left corner. Only you can view what documents you have added to your favourites.