Calendar is your Outlook calendar. It is the scheduling and calendar platform that is fully integrated with email, contacts, and other products. Users can create appointments, organize meetings, view group schedules, and more by selecting any time slot in the calendar.

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From the top navigation bar select E-mail Calendar. Set the calendar options you want and click send.

Click a time slot on the calendar to create a meeting request. Once you select the people you want to invite, Outlook will help you find the earliest time when all invitees are free. You can also view group schedules to find a time slot that works for everyone in the meeting. When you send the meeting request, the invitees will receive a request in their inbox. From here the invitees can accept, request a change, or decline the meeting request.

Yes, you can open multiple calendars and view them in overlay mode. In the navigation pane, select the calendars you want to view. Click View in Overlay Mode from the calendar tab. For multiple calendars, you will have to repeat View in Overlay Mode for each additional calendar.