Undergraduate registration, drops & withdrawal dates

This section contains important sessional dates relative to registration, drops and withdrawals.

Looking for information on when to register?

Specific registration dates can be found in the Registration Guides:

If you are experiencing difficulty with registration, please contact our Records team at records@brocku.ca.

Registration system - Open / close dates

Dropping a course

While the Registration system is open, students are able to drop courses without financial penalty. After the Registration system closes, students must request to be withdrawn from a course by submitting an Add/Withdrawal Form and may incur a financial penalty.

DurationSessionStakeholder/TypeLast Date Registration is Open
Spring - D1 and D2 courseSpring 2024RegistrationMay 5, 2024
Spring - D3 courseSpring 2024RegistrationJune 16, 2024
Spring - D4 courseSpring 2024RegistrationApril 29, 2024
Spring - D5 courseSpring 2024RegistrationApril 30, 2024
Spring - D6 courseSpring 2024RegistrationMay 7, 2024
Spring - D7 courseSpring 2024RegistrationJune 11, 2024
Spring - D8 courseSpring 2024RegistrationMay 5, 2024
Spring - D9 courseSpring 2024RegistrationJuly 7, 2024
Spring - D10 courseSpring 2024RegistrationMay 28, 2024
Spring - D11 courseSpring 2024RegistrationMay 16, 2023
Spring - D12 courseSpring 2024RegistrationJune 23, 2024
Spring - D13 courseSpring 2024RegistrationMay 5, 2024
Summer - D1 courseSummer 2024RegistrationJuly 21, 2024
Summer - D2 courseSummer 2024RegistrationJuly 15, 2024
Summer - D3 courseSummer 2024RegistrationJuly 16, 2024
Summer - D4 courseSummer 2024RegistrationJuly 22, 2024
Summer - D5 courseSummer 2024RegistrationJuly 16, 2024
Summer - D6 courseSummer 2024RegistrationAugust 6, 2024
Summer - D7 courseSummer 2024RegistrationAugust 19, 2024
Summer - D8 courseSummer 2024RegistrationAugust 26, 2024
Summer - D9 courseSummer 2024RegistrationAugust 13, 2024
Fall TermFall/Winter 2024RegistrationSeptember 17, 2024
Winter TermFall/Winter 2024RegistrationJanuary 17, 2025

Drops, withdrawals and refunds

Looking for information on how a withdrawal will affect your financial account?

Academic withdrawal deadlines

Withdrawal without academic penalty

Students are able to withdraw from a course after the Registration System closes only up to the final withdrawal dates listed below. This may incur a financial penalty. Once this date has past, a grade must be issued for all courses in which you are registered.

DurationSessionStakeholder/TypeLast Date to Withdraw
Spring D1 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJune 16, 2024
Spring D2 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalMay 20, 2024
Spring D3 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJuly 1, 2024
Spring D4 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalMay 32, 2024
Spring D5 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalMay 6, 2024
Spring D6 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalMay 13, 2024
Spring D7 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJune 17, 2024
Spring D8 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJuly 19, 2024
Spring D9 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalAugust 10, 2024
Spring D10 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJune 3, 2024
Spring D11 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJuly 14, 2024
Spring D12 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalAugust 1, 2024
Spring D13 (without academic penalty)Spring 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalMay 30, 2024
Summer D1 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalAugust 9, 2024
Summer D2 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJuly 17, 2024
Summer D3 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJuly 22, 2024
Summer D4 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJuly 24, 2024
Summer D5 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalJuly 31, 2024
Summer D6 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalAugust 21, 2024
Summer D7 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalAugust 21, 2024
Summer D8 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalAugust 28, 2024
Summer D9 (without academic penalty)Summer 2024Undergraduate; WithdrawalAugust 19, 2024
Fall/Winter D1 (without academic penalty)Fall/Winter 2023Undergraduate; WithdrawalJanuary 19, 2024
Fall/Winter D2 (without academic penalty)Fall/Winter 2023Undergraduate; WithdrawalNovember 7, 2023
Fall/Winter D3 (without academic penalty)Fall/Winter 2023Undergraduate; WithdrawalMarch 8, 2024
Fall/Winter D4 (without academic penalty)Fall/Winter 2023Undergraduate; WithdrawalOctober 23, 2023
Fall/Winter D5 (without academic penalty)Fall/Winter 2023Undergraduate; WithdrawalOctober 5, 2023
Fall/Winter D6 (without academic penalty)Fall/Winter 2023Undergraduate; WithdrawalJanuary 29, 2024
Fall/Winter D7 (without academic penalty)Fall/Winter 2023Undergraduate; WithdrawalNovember 20, 2023

How to withdraw from a course

  1. If the registration system has closed, you must submit a withdrawal using the Withdrawal Request page through my.brocku.ca
  2. For step-by-step instructions on the withdrawal process through the portal please download the “how to withdraw from a course after registration has closed” document
  3. After the withdrawal deadline, you will be unable to withdraw from the course and will receive a grade.

Financial / Tuition refund deadlines

Withdrawal schedules by session

Please note that withdrawal schedules are only applicable if your tuition is charged per credit (3.5 credits or less). If you are assessed based on the flat fee tuition structure (4.0 or more credits) your fees will not change due to a withdrawal. Contact Brock Central if you have any questions concerning the financial implications of withdrawing from a course.

Drops, withdrawals and refunds

How a withdrawal will affect your financial account? (only 3.5 credits or less)

Fall / Winter

Withdrawal Charge Schedule (3.5 credit course load or less)


Withdrawal Refund Schedule (only 3.5 credits or less)


Withdrawal Refund Schedule (only 3.5 credits or less)