Philosophy society

History and mission

In June of 1982, The Brock University Philosophy Society (BUPS) was formally instituted by Professor David Goicoechea. A group who were committed to loving and knowing the truth about the becoming of all things came together, told their stories about the need for such a society and ate pastry and drank coffee together.

A mission statement was brought forth from out of the conversation. They would institutionalize a philosophical community that promotes an open and free discussion of ideas in symposia and conferences. It would be primarily composed of Brock Alumni and members of the Niagara Community as well as Brock faculty members and students.

As the next 25 years unfolded many other philosophers from across the world became enthusiastic participants in the conversation. Thus BUPS became a unique blend of academics and community members brought together by the love of wisdom.

In addition to organizing discussion groups and hosting several conferences every year BUPS organizes fundraising events for scholarships in philosophy. Since 1996 and the Mount Carmel Book Sale, the Society has primarily raised funds through book sales. The Society has donated funds to Brock University in excess of $300,000.00. At present BUPS offers five undergraduate and three graduate bursaries annually.

Participation in BUPS conferences can be an invaluable aspect of graduate life at Brock as many graduate students and alumni of Brock Master’s Program in Philosophy have read papers at these conferences. The conferences are always free and the public is welcome. Donations to the Society can be made (donations over $10 are tax receipted).

* N.B.: The Philosophy Society is not under the auspices of the Department of Philosophy.