Programme Testimonials

“Our programme provides our students with the means and the mentorship to rigorously pursue their innovative interdisciplinary research projects. Our students come from all over the globe, and their cutting-edge research aims to contribute to the shaping of the common global future with which interdisciplinary humanities is vitally engaged and vitally necessary.”

– Dr. Mathew Martin

“Brock University’s Interdisciplinary Humanities programme is a perfect fit for my research. With its multidisciplinary approach, the programme offers a comprehensive and foundational grounding in theories related to different traditional disciplinary fields. It allows me to draw on diverse perspectives and apply a non-siloed, intersectional research strategy in my focus on trauma studies in relation to the stickiness of the stigma associated with pan/epidemics. My research has above all also benefited from working with other scholars and academic staff at Brock, whose knowledge is as wide-ranging and comprehensive as is their generosity in sharing their academic expertise.”

— Callie Long, PhD Graduate

“As an art conservator studying the history and cultural impact of my profession, I truly believe that the Interdisciplinary Humanities program is the best home for my research. My work examines the development of a field that is inherently interdisciplinary in its combination of science, art history, museology, and craft skills. The program’s coursework provided the sound foundation in theory and method I needed to ground my research, and the opportunity to collaborate and share with colleagues from a wide variety of backgrounds has enriched my work beyond measure. I have received incredible guidance and support from my colleagues, program instructors, and supervisor, and I know that this will continue as I move forward with my dissertation.”

—Carrie Stiver, PhD Graduate

“I have had extensive training in Drama and Performance, and an opportune Fulbright Scholarship in the United States between 2014 and 2015 opened my mind to the possibility that the world of Arts must compete tenaciously with the Science in global development. Since then, I have consistently probed myself with that restless question of how Drama/Theatre can truly humanize. That inquiry has led to a quest for more knowledge – and in that I found information on the internet on Interdisciplinary Humanities at Brock University. I made preliminary contacts with some faculty in the program and I was amazed at the accessible repository of knowledge. Even before making an application and receiving a placement, I told myself ‘Eureka!’ My thirst for interdisciplinary engagement in the humanities has finally found a domain for it to be assuaged. I look forward to this eventful cerebral adventure at Brock University.”

— Soji Cole, PhD Candidate

“The Interdisciplinary Humanities doctoral program is the best fit for my research project because it provides me with the ability to connect with the three disciplines that my study is grounded in while at the same time supporting the interdisciplinary spirit of the project. Brock University has the unique combination of a gender studies, film studies, and philosophy department that is interconnected by a single doctoral program. Therefore, there are opportunities to gain valuable experience as both a student in a wide selection of graduate courses as well as a teaching assistant across a variety of disciplines. I am quite confident there is no other program like it – anywhere else.”

— Terrance McDonald, Alumnus