Faculty Available for Supervision

Lynn Arner
Associate Professor (English Language & Literature)
Email: larner@brocku.ca
Research Interests: feminists theory, class, acadame, Women’s and gender Studies, late medieval english literature and social history
Available for supervision

Gregory Betts
Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence; Professor (English Language & Literature)
Email: gbetts@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Canadian Experimental and Avant-Garde Literature.
Contact for supervision

Irene Maria F. Blayer
Professor (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
Email: iblayer@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Comparative Romance linguistics; philology; dialectology; text linguistics; diaspora studies; storytelling; oral history.
Contact for supervision

Alex Christie
Assistant Professor (Centre for Digital Humanities)
Email: achristie@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Spatial humanities; modernist studies; book history; mixed reality (AR/VR); digital prototyping; digital pedagogy
Contact for supervision

Christine Daigle
Professor (Philosophy) and Director of the Posthumanism Research Institute
Email: cdaigle@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Feminist theory, Posthumanism, Environmental (Post)Humanities, Phenomenology, Existentialism
Available for supervision

Stefan Dolgert
Associate Professor (Political Science)
Email: sdolgert@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Political Theory, including: Ancient Political Philosophy, Continental Political Thought, Critical Animal Studies, Democratic Theory, Environmental Ethics, Literature and Philosophy, New Materialism, Posthumanism.
Available for supervision

David Fancy
Professor and Chair of Theatre Praxis (Dramatic Arts)
Email: dfancy@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Performance; Performativity; Immanentist thought; Deleuze and Guattari; Theatre Creation.
Available for supervision

Margot Francis
Associate Professor (Women’s and Gender Studies/Sociology)
Email: mfrancis@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Decolonizig perspectives on settler societies; queer/integrative feminist perspectives on culture arts, identity and the body.
Available for supervision

Jason Hawreliak
Associate Professor, Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities (Centre for Digital Humanities)
Email: jhawreliak@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Game Studies, Multimodality, Digital Media; Rhetoric; Semiotics
Not available for supervision

Jane Koustas
Professor (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
Email: jkoustas@brocku.ca
Research Interests: English-Canadian literature in translation, translation theory and practice, translation history in Canada, Quebec theatre and theatre translation.
Available for supervision

Mathew R. Martin
Professor (English Language and Literature)
Email: mmartin@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Early Modern English Drama, Psychoanalysis, Literary Theory
Available for supervision

Elizabeth Neswald
Associate Professor (History)
Email: eneswald@brocku.ca
Research Interests: History of science and technology since 1800; Cultural history of thermodynamics; History of nutritional physiology; Material cultures of science and technology.
Available for supervision

Trevor Norris
Associate Professor (Education)
Email: tnorris@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Philosophy of Education; Political Theory; Critiques of Consumerism and Neoliberalism; Modern to Postmodern Transition
Available for supervision

Andrew Pendakis
Associate Professor (English Language and Literature)
Email: Apendakis@brocku.ca
Research Interests: History and Theory of modern centrism
Available for supervision

Matthew Royal
Associate Professor (Music)
Email: mroyal@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Music theory (especially theories of rhythm and temporality); Early-modern music theory (16th and 17th centuries); Music cognition; Acoustics and history of acoustics.
Contact for supervision

Danny Samson
Associate Professor (History)
Email: dsamson@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Colonial, political culture, rural, environmental
Available for supervision

Cristina Santos
Associate Professor (Hispanic and Latin American Studies)
Email: csantos@brocku.ca 
Research Interests: Feminist Theory, Post-colonial Discourse, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Available for supervision

Elizabeth Sauer
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Professor (English Language and Literature)
Email: esauer@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Early Modern English Literature, Culture, and History, including Milton, civil war writers, print culture, women writers, nationalism studies, history of toleration, transatlantic writing.
Available for supervision

Susan Spearey
Associate Professor (English Language and Literature)
Email: sspearey@brocku.ca
Research Interests: Postcolonial Studies, South African Literature and Culture, Post-conflict Literature, Artistic responses to conflict and transitional justice, Trauma Theory, Ethics, Theories of Witnessing, Social Justice and the Arts, Pedagogy
Not Available for supervision

Mark G. Spencer
Professor (History)
Email: mspencer@brocku.ca
Research Interests: History of Ideas in Eighteenth-Century America and Britain.
Available for supervision