Participating Faculty

Gregory Betts
Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence; Associate Professor (English Language & Literature)
Email: Ext:5318
Research Interests: Canadian Experimental and Avant-Garde Literature.
Contact for supervision

Irene Maria F. Blayer
Professor (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
Email: Ext: 3304
Research Interests: Comparative Romance linguistics; philology; dialectology; text linguistics; diaspora studies; storytelling; oral history.
Contact for supervision

John Bonnett
Tier II Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities; Associate Professor (History/Digital Humanities)
Email: Ext: 5552
Research Interests: Digital History; Digital Humanities; Virtual Heritage; Augmented Reality; Intellectual History; Harold Innis
Available for supervision

Angela Book
Associate Professor (Psychology)
Email: Ext: 5223
Research Interests: Psychopathic traits, Victim selection, Social mimicry, use of video games to study behaviour
Contact for supervision

Leah Bradshaw
Professor (Political Science)
Email: Ext: 4282
Research Interests: Classical, modern and contemporary political philosophy; comparative accounts of the self in the Western tradition; empire, cosmopolitanism and citizenship; technology and philosophy.
Contact for supervision

Natalee Caple
Assistant Professor (English)
Email: Ext: 3155
Research Interests: Contemporary Canadian Literature; Creative Writing; Feminist Theory.
Available for supervision

Alex Christie
Assistant Professor (Centre for Digital Humanities)
Email: Ext: 3217
Research Interests: Spatial humanities; modernist studies; book history; mixed reality (AR/VR); digital prototyping; digital pedagogy
Contact for supervision

Gale Coskan-Johnson
Associate Professor (English)
Email: Ext: 5001
Research Interests: Rhetorical Studies; Border Studies; Transnational Migration; Transnational Feminism; the Nation and its Nationalisms; Critical Theory.
Contact for supervision

Christine Daigle
Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence; Professor (Philosophy)
Email: Ext: 3316
Research Interests: Continental Philosophy (existentialism, phenomenology); Feminism; Posthumanism; New Materialism; Narrative Theories; Environmental (Post)humanities.
Available for supervision

Martin Danahay
Professor (English)
Email: Ext: 5203
Research Interests: Victorian Literature and Culture, Lifewriting, Steampunk, Digital Humanities
Available for supervision

Stefan Dolgert
Assistant Professor (Political Science)
Email: Ext: 3891
Research Interests: Political Theory, including: Ancient Political Philosophy, Continental Political Thought, Critical Animal Studies, Democratic Theory, Environmental Ethics, Literature and Philosophy, New Materialism, Posthumanism.
Available for supervision

Ifeanyi Ezeonu
Associate Professor (Sociology)
Email: Ext: 4054
Research Interests: Gang violence; racialised crime; the social construction of crime; transnational crime; environmental crime in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria; contemporary African Diaspora.
Contact for supervision

David Fancy
Associate Professor (Dramatic Arts)
Email: Ext: 3584
Research Interests: Performance; Performativity; Immanentist thought; Deleuze and Guattari; Theatre Creation.
Contact for supervision

Margot Francis
Associate Professor (Women’s and Gender Studies/Sociology)
Email: Ext: 5381
Research Interests: Decolonizig perspectives on settler societies; queer/integrative feminist perspectives on culture arts, identity and the body.
Contact for supervision

Allison Glazebrook
Associate Professor (Classics)
Email: Ext:3319
Research Interests: Ancient World: Sexuality, Slavery, Rhetoric (including visual), Women.
Available for supervision

Jane Koustas
Professor (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
Email: Ext: 4314
Research Interests: English-Canadian literature in translation, translation theory and practice, translation history in Canada, Quebec theatre and theatre translation.
Contact for supervision

Peter Lester
Assistant Professor (Communication, Popular Culture and Film)
Email: Ext: 3822
Research Interests: Film history; Canadian cinema; film technology; screen culture; exhibition studies; nontheatrical film.
Available for supervision

Gary Libben
Professor (Department of Applied Linguistics)
Email: Ext: 6240

Brian Lightbody
Associate Professor (Philosophy)
Email: Ext: 5313
Research Interests: Philosophical Genealogy; Epistemology; Foucault; Nietzsche; Naturalism; Action Theory.
Available for supervision

Jack Lightstone
Professor (History)
Email: Ext: 3333
Research Interests: Ancient Judaism; Religion; Classical History; Social Anthropology; Literature; Literary Analysis; Diaspora; Rabbis; Rhetoric; Socio-rhetorical Analysis.
Contact for supervision

Ingrid Makus
Associate Professor (Political Science)
Email: Ext: 4077
Research Interests: Identity politics; Rights discourse.
Contact for supervision

Mathew R. Martin
Associate Professor (English Language and Literature)
Email: Ext: 3889
Research Interests: Early modern English literature
Available for supervision

Carol U. Merriam
Professor (Classics)
Email: Ext: 3320
Research Interests: Latin poetry of the first century BC; Elegy; Epylion; Ecphrasis; Classical Tradition.
Contact for supervision

Behnaz Mirzai
Associate Professor (History)
Email: Ext: 5283
Research Interests: Comparative and cross-cultural studies, ethnicity, slavery, gender, and social economic and religious interactions in the Middle East.
Contact for supervision

Elizabeth Neswald
Associate Professor (History)
Email: Ext: 5327
Research Interests: History of science and technology since 1800; Cultural history of thermodynamics; History of nutritional physiology; Material cultures of science and technology.
Available for supervision

Joe Norris
Professor (Dramatic Arts)
Email: Ext: 3596
Research Interests: Methodologies, Arts-based Methodologies, Playbuilding, Ethnodrama, Narrative Inquiry, Autoethnography, Duoethnography, Video in research (documentary)
Contact for supervision

Trevor Norris
Associate Professor (Education)
Email: Ext: 5897
Research Interests: Philosophy of Education; Political Theory; Critiques of Consumerism and Neoliberalism; Modern to Postmodern Transition
Contact for supervision

Olatunji Ojo
Associate Professor (History)
Email: Ext: 5146
Research Interests: Slavery, ethnicity and identity formation, religion and gender, center on the history of social and economic change.
Contact for supervision

Catharine Parayre
Associate Professor (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
Email: Ext: 4849
Research Interests: Representation of women in contemporary Occitan literature; questions of identity in minority literatures; landscape description; photography in literary texts; testimonies of illness in recent French texts; disfigurement in contemporary literature and the visual arts; disability in literature and the arts.
Not available for supervision

Brian E. Power
Professor (Music)
Email: Ext: 4306
Research Interests: Music manuscripts; Renaissance music; Medieval music; Liturgy; Performance practice; Trent Codices; fifteenth-century; Europe.
Contact for supervision

Matthew Royal
Associate Professor (Music)
Email: Ext: 5377
Research Interests: Music theory (especially theories of rhythm and temporality); Early-modern music theory (16th and 17th centuries); Music cognition; Acoustics and history of acoustics.
Contact for supervision

Daniel Samson
Associate Professor (History)
Email: Ext: 3503
Research Interests: Colonial, political culture, rural, environmental
Available for supervision

Cristina Santos
Associate Professor (Communications, Popular Culture, and Film & Hispanic and Latin American Studies)
Email: Ext: 4498
Research Interests: Feminist theory; Monster theory; Re-writing of fairy tales; Contemporary women writers; Testimony and social justice/human rights; Im/migrant issues; Comparative literature and film.
Available for supervision

Elizabeth Sauer
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Professor (English Language and Literature)
Email: Ext: 3887
Research Interests: Early Modern English Literature, Culture, and History, including Milton, civil war writers, print culture, women writers, nationalism studies, history of toleration, transatlantic writing.
Available for supervision

R. Angus K. Smith
Associate Professor (Classics)
Email: Ext: 3798
Research Interests: Mortuary archaeology and ceramic analysis in the Bronze Age Aegean.
Contact for supervision

Susan Spearey
Associate Professor (English Language and Literature)
Email: Ext: 3304
Research Interests: Postcolonial Studies, South African Literature and Culture, Post-conflict Literature, Artistic responses to conflict and transitional justice, Trauma Theory, Ethics, Theories of Witnessing, Social Justice and the Arts, Pedagogy
Contact for supervision

Mark G. Spencer
Associate Professor (History)
Email: Ext: 3506
Research Interests: History of Ideas in Eighteenth-Century America and Britain.
Available for supervision

Linda Steer
Associate Professor (Visual Arts)
Email: Ext: 3821
Research Interests: History and theory of photography; photography and the avant-garde; surrealism and photography; the use of photographs in Beat literature, particularly in the collaborative work of William S Burroughs and Brion Gysin; word and image studies.
Contact for supervision

Donna Szoke
Associate Professor (Visual Arts)
Email: Ext. 4116
Research Interests: Contemporary Art, emergent art practices, experimental animation, media art, installation art, critical theory.
Contact for supervision

Adjunct Faculty (not available for supervision)

Barry K. Grant
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Professor (Communications, Popular Culture and Film)
Email: Ext: 3215
Research Interests: Film studies, documentary film, film history, popular genres

Hans Skott-Myhre
Adjunct Professor – (Kennesaw State University)
Research Interests: Philosophies of Immanence, Continental Philosophy, Post-Marxism, Subjectivity, Youth Subcultures, Critical Disability.