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  • Callie Long thesis defense

    Callie Long will defend her thesis titled: Strong Medicine: Towards a Reparative Trauma-informed Decolonial Reading of HIV-related Stigma

    Supervisor: Dr. Sue Spearey (English Language and Literature)

    Date/time: Monday, July 19th, 1:00-4:00pm

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  • Mitch Goldsmith publishes new article

    Mitch Goldsmith, PhD candidate, has published a new article entitled The Unfinished Business of Anna Kingsford – Towards an Enchanted Animal Ethic in the open-access journal Trace: Journal for Human-Animal Studies.

    Here is the link to the publication:

    This article takes seriously the claim made by 19th century antivivisectionist Anna Kingsford that experiments on animals constitute a type of malevolent sorcery, more specifically a demonic blood sacrifice. In so doing, the paper follows the work of Pignarre and Stengers in their explication of sorcery and how to “get a hold” of its operations despite its stupefying powers. To that end, I will investigate the pragmatic potential of understanding experiments on animals in this way, and more broadly, following the work of posthuman and material feminists, as a type of onto-theological phenomenon of spacetimemattering (in Karen Barad’s terms). This understanding will pay particular attention to the intra-active exclusions that haunt the laboratory space and, following a neo-Spinozist feminist approach, I will explicate the ways in which the human-animal power relations within the laboratory inhibit the creation of joyful multispecies “common notions.” In order to respond to the ghostly presences which haunt the laboratory space, and to affirm joyful, multispecies relations for “as well as possible worlds” (Puig de la Bellacasa), I will finally argue for an affirmative multispecies politics of what Rosi Bradiotti calls “zoe-centered egalitarianism” through a posthuman politics of “grace,” or “the leaving be of nonhumans” (MacCormack) which I frame as an enactment of an enchanted animal ethic.

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  • HUMA Student Soji Cole selected to participate in national Black theatre initiative

    HUMA Student Soji Cole was selected to participate in national Black theatre initiative.

    Presented by Obsidian Theatre in partnership with CBC Arts, “21 Black Futures” has brought together 63 Black Canadian playwrights, actors and directors to create art during the pandemic and answer the question, “What is the future of Blackness?”

    Additional details here:


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  • Mitchell Goldsmith publishes article

    Mitch Goldsmith, a PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Humanities, has had an article published in the journal ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, the journal of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. The article, entitled ” A Dead Lake and Hollowed Mountain: Reading Feminist Eco-Politic in Elfriede Jelinek’s Greed,” is available to read here

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  • Goldsmith attends the Posthuman Convergences: Theories and Methodologies program hosted by Utrecht University

    All Summer Program Attendees

    In August Mitch Goldsmith, an Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Candidate, participated in the “Posthuman Convergences: Theories and Methodologies” summer school program hosted by Rosi Braidotti and Utrecht University. According to the program, “The intensive course “Posthuman Convergences” offers an overview of contemporary debates around the ‘posthuman turn’, in the framework of Braidotti’s brand of critical theory. It explores the implications of the posthuman convergence of posthumanism and postanthropocentrism for the constitution of subjectivity, the production of knowledge, and the practice of the academic humanities.” Mitch received a grant from the HUMA program to cover partial costs of the course. The course was also held for the first time completely online due to Covid-19 Restrictions.

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  • Venus Torabi runner up in 3MT challenge

    Venus Torabi, studying how the extremist organization ISIS uses modified versions of popular video games as a recruitment tool, placed second in 3MT 2020.

    Congrats Venus!

    For more information please visit

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  • Brett Robinson receives award for research

    The Faculty of Graduate Studies at Brock University would like to congratulate Brett on being selected to receive the 2019-2020 Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research.

    Congratulations Brett!

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  • Julia Polyck-O’Neill awarded 2020 SSHRC postdoctoral scholarship

    Julia has been awarded a 2020 SSHRC postdoctoral scholarship for her project “Potential Archives: Envisioning the Future of the Interdisciplinary Artist Archive in Canada.” She will be working with Dr. Sarah Parsons in the department of art history at York University.

    Congratulations Julia!

    Here is a short description of her work: “My postdoctoral project Potential Archives reconceptualizes the interdisciplinary artist archive according to emerging feminist and digital epistemologies and methods to help artists plan for and prepare their future institutional archives and address emerging needs and concerns, while also assisting arts institutions in addressing such innovations”

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  • Jill Planche defends her thesis

    Jill Planche, a PhD candidate in the Department of Interdisciplinary Humanities will defend her thesis titled “The Larger Stages: The ‘Becoming Minor’ of South African Theatres” on Thursday, December 19th at 9:30 a.m. in WH 147.

    The examination committee members are Dr. David Fancy, Supervisor; Dr. Susan Spearey and Dr. Ebru Ustundag, Advisory Committee; Dr. James Allard, Internal Examiner; Dr. Michael Vallee, External Examiner (Athabasca University); Dr. Wendy Ward, Chair.

    All are welcome!

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  • Kevin McGuiness wins Distinguished Graduate Student Award

    PhD student Kevin McGuiness has received the Fall 2019 Distinguished Graduate Student Award. The Distinguished Graduate Student Award is presented to one student from each program, who has achieved the highest overall average.

    Congratulations Kevin!

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