Language Requirement

Students are required to demonstrate reading competency in a language other than English by means of a written examination.  At the discretion of the GPC, however, students with a first language other than English can apply for an exemption, especially if that language is integral to their doctoral work. Otherwise, students will translate a short passage of approximately 750 words into English.  Use of a dictionary is permitted.

The exam is pass/fail and may be taken as many times as is necessary for the student to pass the exam. The student is responsible for informing the GPD that she or he is prepared to write the exam, and the student must pass the exam before defending her or his thesis. The GPD will select texts in the language chosen by the student and their supervisor. The GPD will administer the exam. The exams will be anonymized and assessed by one examiner. Students will have 2 hours to write their exam.

The language chosen is to be related to the program of study and must be approved by the supervisor. In cases where no other language than English is relevant to the program of study, reading competence in French will be required. Evidence of passing a similar language exam in an MA degree may take the place of the PhD language exam at the discretion of the GPD and the Program Committee.