Frequently Asked Questions

I have missed the deadline for application to the program. What shall I do?

We have a rolling submissions process, so if you miss the 1 February deadline, email Lissa Paul, the Graduate Programme Director, to see if applications are still being accepted.

If I do not have a degree in the Humanities, can I still apply to the program?

This is an interdisciplinary program, and we encourage students from disciplines outside of the Humanities to apply as long as there is a faculty member willing to supervise and the project aligns with the program.

I’m thinking of returning to university for my PhD, but having been in the workforce, I have lost contact with my professors. Do I still need to provide academic references?

It’s quite normal for students to encounter this situation. Typically, we request academic references from professors who are most acquainted with your academic performance. However, if obtaining a second and third academic reference is not possible, we also accept one reference from an employer who can speak to your professional skills and capabilities. Discuss this issue with your supervisor or with Lissa Paul the director.

If I already hold a PhD, is it still possible for me to apply to the program?

No, unless you can demonstrate that the degree for which you are applying is substantially different from the one you already hold.

Can I work on my PhD as a part-time student?

Yes, students may study on a part-time basis. Part-time PhD students are expected to complete their degrees in eight years. Part-time students do not receive the same funding available to full-time students, but they may be able to work as teaching assistants and research assistants. For details on full-time vs full-time status, please visit the Faculty Handbook 3B, sections 7.1 and 7.2.

What happens if I do not finish my PhD in the 4 fully funded years?

We strive to have full-time students finish their PhD in the 4 fully-funded years. If students do not finish, we will seek with them to secure external scholarships, teaching and/or research contracts. Full-time students should finish their PhD in a maximum of 6 years