Mitchell Goldsmith

Proposed Research: Every year more than 100 million animals, including dogs, cats, fish, nonhuman primates, mice, and rats are experimented on in the US and Canada. This includes nearly 80,000 animals who, according to recent figures published by the Canadian Council on Animal Care, are subjected to “severe pain” during experimentation.Feminist opposition to experiments on animals dates back to at least the 19th century. However, more recently, some feminist and queer theorists interested in affect and the body have demurred on some of the more pointed aspects of these objections and have instead supported an engagement with the sciences, including scientific disciplines actively involved in invasive and painful experiments on animals.My research will provide an interdisciplinary critique of experiments on animals in response to the appeals from some feminist and queer theorists for a turnabout towards the sciences. Foundational to my critique will be bringing to the foreground the lived experiences of animals in laboratories and directly connecting their suffering and exploitation to the scientific disciplines of interest to some contemporary feminist and queer theorists. Mitchell’s published work can be found her

Keywords: feminist theory; queer theory; critical animal studies; cultural studies; spectrality; affect; science and technology studies

Supervisor: Dr. Stefan Dolgert