Julie Warkentin


Thesis: The Traumatized National Body: (Re)Reading Charles I and the English Nation through Civil War Literature

Abstract: My PhD dissertation focuses on print representations of Charles Stuart, the English monarch executed by his people in 1649. As the English nation attempted to work through the complex socio-political strife of civil war, representations of Charles as a martyr, hero, and villain complicated the construction of a larger English national narrative. Through an application of trauma theory, I am investigating how the death of Charles influenced the constitution of English national identity in the interregnum period. My research seeks to provide a reconsideration of how print representations of Charles and the body politic were being used as a mode of bibliotherapy and functioned as sites of political discourse that allowed the English nation to process the residual psychological trauma from the death of the country’s king and the war that affected the entire nation.


Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Sauer

 You can find information on my current work on my Academia page.