Elifsu Tanyeri


Title: Examining Technoscience of 21st Century: Future Possibilities on Power and Subject

Abstract: In my Ph.D. thesis, my main aim will be to understand the potential effects of our time’s scientific and technological transformations by primarily focusing on the shifting patterns of the relations between power and subjectivity. In other words, my research will examine how advances in ‘technoscience’ (Latour, 1987), such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, data science, and gene editing, can lead to transformations in the practices of power and subjectivity today and in the near future. Throughout my research, I will follow critical posthumanist literature, such as Braidotti (2013), Haraway (1991), Hayles (1999), Latour (2005), and Lyotard (1984), to avoid the essentialist or determinist approaches founded on the dichotomic logic which assumes technology’s externality to the individual. I aim to unearth how scientific and technological developments will impact life at political, collective, and individual levels. Following critical posthumanist literature, the main debate will be whether contemporary technoscience will enhance democracies with new individuation practices undermining anthropocentrism, or whether it will found a new soft(ware) power in a totalitarian way, disrupting collective belonging and individuation.

Keywords: posthumanism, science and technology studies, gene editing, artificial intelligence, power and subjectivity, algorithmic governmentality, digital capitalism

Supervisor: Dr. Christine Daigle