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  • Brett Robinson presents at Congress 2018

    Brett Robinson will be presenting with the Film Studies Association of Canada at Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2018. The conference is being held at the University of Regina, Regina, SK from May 26 to June 1, 2018.


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  • Candace Couse named finalist in national research video contest

    Candace Couse is among 25 finalists in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)’s The Storytellers video contest.

    Couse researches visual representations of illness in the arts and medical sciences, looking at how Western understandings of death and dying confine people to narrow definitions of illness and health.

    More information can be found here

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  • Miroslav Zokvo presents at Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference

    Miroslav Zovko presents: Maps of 2008 Economic Crisis in Plaza Building & Cairns Complex on Thursday, April 12, 2018. All are welcome. 

    More information can be found at


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  • Mitch Goldsmith presents at Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference

    Mitch Goldsmith presents “Dying to be Gay: The Sex and Species Politics of Experimenting on ‘Gay’ Animals”

    Nonhuman animals have long functioned as models, referents, and metaphors for humans. This modeling often includes anthropomorphic tropes that promote regressive and deterministic sex and gender norms among animals and humans.  This practice of anthropomorphic projection achieved a new veneer of scientific legitimacy in the 1990s when the idea of a biological basis of homosexuality, popularized by the neuroscientist Simon LeVay, and rooted in experiments on animals, began to circulate amongst scientists, activists, and in the press.  This science of homosexuality is based largely on specious experiments on mice, rats, and other animals and involves acute and unjustifiable animal suffering and death. Furthermore, these studies center a contrived, deterministic understanding of homosexuality that is divorced from the rich sexual expression of animals and humans.  Animal experimentation belies what Judith Butler identifies as the shared precarity of humans and animals, and the realities, and necessities, of “living socially” in relationships of responsibility and reciprocity. In its stead, this paper advocates a queer turn towards what Rosi  Braidotti calls zoe-centered egalitarianism, an affirmative, political ethic of interconnection and interspecies subjectivity. I will show that contemporary queer eco-sexual movements further a zoe-centered egalitarianism and offer alternative social and species relations to those enacted in experiments on animals.

    Conference details can be found here.

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  • Invited Speaker – Dr. Yan Hamel

    Dr. Yan Hamel presents Simone de Beauvoir #MeToo on Monday April 2, 15:30 – 17:00 in WH204. All are welcome to attend.

    For more information including an abstract please see here Dr. Yan Hamel poster


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  • Invited Speaker – Dr. Sean Braune

    Dr. Sean Braune presents The Sites and Para-sites of “Thinking,” “Knowing,” and “Philosophizing” on Thursday March 29, 15:30 – 17:00 in WH 208. All are welcome to attend.

    For more information including an abstract please see here Dr. Sean Braune


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  • Brett Robinson presents research

    Brett Robinson will present on “Wrestling with Selfhood: How Professional Wrestling Reveals The Complex Mechanisms of The Performativity of Identity” on Monday March 12th from 3:30 – 4:45pm in MCC 403

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  • Joshua Manitowabi presents research

    Joshua Manitowabi will present on “Anishinaabe of Manitoulin Island: Contesting Knowledge and Power within the mid-18th Century” on Monday March 12th at 2:00 – 3:15pm in MCC 403

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