Goldsmith attends the Posthuman Convergences: Theories and Methodologies program hosted by Utrecht University

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In August Mitch Goldsmith, an Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Candidate, participated in the “Posthuman Convergences: Theories and Methodologies” summer school program hosted by Rosi Braidotti and Utrecht University. According to the program, “The intensive course “Posthuman Convergences” offers an overview of contemporary debates around the ‘posthuman turn’, in the framework of Braidotti’s brand of critical theory. It explores the implications of the posthuman convergence of posthumanism and postanthropocentrism for the constitution of subjectivity, the production of knowledge, and the practice of the academic humanities.” Mitch received a grant from the HUMA program to cover partial costs of the course. The course was also held for the first time completely online due to Covid-19 Restrictions.

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