Graduate Course Offerings

Proposed Course Offerings Beginning Fall of 2022-2023 (*Subject to Change)

Dr. Elizabeth Neswald & Dr. Michael Driedger
Examines debates about the nature of history and provides an overview of contemporary historiographic controversies. A wide variety of methodologies and theoretical perspectives will be explored with an eye to assessing the practical applications of each for the study of history and for the students’ own research projects.

Major Research Paper
A major research project (of approximately 35 pages), the topic of which shall be chosen by the student in consultation with the Supervisory Committee. The major research paper must demonstrate the student’s ability to conduct original research with primary sources and a mastery of relevant historiography.

MA Thesis
An extended research project (of approximately 80-100 pages) which meets the conditions specified in the description for HIST 5F80 but involves a higher level of research and a fuller treatment of the selected subject. The thesis will be examined by an external reader and will have a public defense.

Directed Reading in History
Directed individual or group reading in a specified area of historical study. Restriction: permission of the Graduate Program Director.

HIST 5V01: Empires and Nations in Colonial Canada
Dr. Daniel Samson
Historiography of national-ethic identities of French, British and First Nations societies in the borderlands regions of Acadia, Canada, and New England. Emphasizes relations between local, regional, and imperial people and practices. 

HIST 5V20: The American Enlightenment 
Dr. Mark Spencer 
Examines the 18th-century American Enlightenment of transatlantic context. Topics include the life and writings of seminal thinkers such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, but also figures not so well known who contributed to the social history of ideas. Students will evaluate conflicting historical interpretations and develop their own understanding of historical events and trends.

HIST 5V35: Intellectuals in Revolutionary China
Dr. Ning Wang 
Major themes in the history of Chinese Intellectuals in the 20th century, especially their involvement in the Communist revolution, their roles in the development of communist ideology/policies, and their careers in the Peoples Republic of China.

HIST 5V55: Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in the 20th Century
Dr. Gregor Kranjc
Comparative examination of ethnic cleansing and genocide, focusing on various 20th-century case studies from across the globe. Explores the historical backgrounds, perpetration and terrifying results of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Themes include: changing international legal definitions and norms; the search for justice; shifting memories