The Fabulous Destiny of Water: Destination Colombia

Be backpack ready for an intercultural, experiential learning trip in the Winter Term of 2020.

  • Travel 9 days in Colombia over the Brock Reading Week break (February 14 – 23) with lead field experts.
  • Optional course component for students in HIST2P09 and HIST3P00 towards final grade.
  • Develop your intercultural competency skills while being fully immersed in the landscapes of the Muisca or Chibcha indigenous peoples, one out of four advanced civilizations of the Americas (with the Aztec, Maya, and Incas) whose territory spanned an area of around 25,000 km2
  • Memorable credit experience in a short-term, carefully planned and fully supported engagement in a unique natural, socio-economic, and cultural environment.
  • Learn directly from a Mamo or spiritual leader of the Kogi indigenous peoples charged with maintaining the natural order of the world through songs, meditations and ritual offerings.
  • Open to students in all programs, staff, faculty and friends of Latin American history

Trip information sessions

Date requestedTimeLocationBooked
October 85:00 PMIn 3Q94 classPLZ 408
October 105:00 PMIn 2P08 classEA 102
October 911:00 AM to 2:00 PMMarket HallYes
October 84:00 PMSankeyYes
October 96:30 PMPLZ 308Yes

For further information contact the course instructor:

Dr. Maria Suescun Pozas