• Professor Discusses Cultural Interpretations of Eclipse Events

    Chair and Associate Professor of History Olatunji Ojo is exploring the ways geographic location and cultural belief systems shape people’s perception of solar eclipses and celestial events over time. Photo credit: the Brock News

    The Brock News featured Professor Olatunji Ojo in the April 4th edition, in advance of the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th. Congratulations, Tunji!

    Read the full story here.

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  • Professor Kimberly Monk Rolls Out PortCities 2.0

    Professor Kimberly Monk has released the updated and expanded the PortCities Project website with essays from the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 HIST 2F00 PortCities project.

    From the website:

    “The 22 research essays from our 2022-2023 course on the Port of Toronto, illustrate the range of themes that connect its port history, past and present. We congratulate these students for working so diligently as they progressed from proposal to first draft to final edits. Deepening our understanding of another Canadian Great Lakes port city. ”

    Monk is currently setting up student meetings for the current group of HIST 2F00 students to focus on the Niagara region, to be released next year.

    Congratulations, Professor Monk!

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  • Professor Manitowabi Discusses Importance of Indigenous History with the Brock News

    Professor Joshua Manitowabi’s research and teaching of Indigenous History was recently featured in the Brock News.

    Photo credit: The Brock News

    “We need to hang on to our identity, culture and knowledge systems,” Manitowabi said. “Indigenous youth need to live in two worlds, one in this Eurocentric society and the Indigenous world. I am just one person, but I can contribute to the larger puzzle through education and research as an Indigenous person.”

    Congratulations, Professor Manitowabi!

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