Past Sankey Lecture Series

For detailed information of our past Sankey Lecture Series events, including videos of the lectures, please visit:

2023: Dr. Heather K. Calloway

Executive Director of University Collections, Indiana University

“Skeletons in the Lodge Hall: Hidden Collections and Fraternal Curiosities”

2022: Prof. J. Scott Kenney

Associate Professor of Sociology, Memorial University of Newfoundland

“A Tale of Two Lodges: Weberian Ideal Types and an Analytical Model of Canadian Masonic Involvement in the 21st Century”

2021: Prof. Margaret C. Jacob

Professor of History, University of California at Los Angeles

“Enroute to the History of Freemasonry: Frances Yates, Northern Ireland, John Toland and the Knights of Jubilation”

2020: Prof. Cécile Révauger

Professor Emerita of English Studies, Bordeaux University

“Enlightenment, Gender and Race: Personal Reflections of Leading Issues in Masonic Studies”

2019: Prof. Chernoh Sesay Jr.

Associate Professor of Religious Studies, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois

“Democracy, Freedom and the Beginnings of Black Freemasonry”

2018: Prof. William D. Moore

Associate Professor of American Material Culture, Department of the History of Art & Architecture, Boston University

“Catechism, Spectacle, Burlesque: American Fraternal Ritual Performance, 1733-1933”

2017: Dr. Aimee E. Newell

Executive Director, Luzerne County Historical Society, Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania

“The Badge of a Freemason: New Stories from Old Aprons”

2016: Prof. Andrew Prescott

Professor of Digital Humanities, University of Glasgow

“Searching for the Apple Tree: What happened in 1716?”

2015: Prof. Susan Mitchell Sommers

Professor of History, Saint Vincent College, Pennsylvania

“The Masonic Empire of Thomas Dunckerley: England to Quebec and the Broad Oceans In-between”

2014: Prof. Renée Lafferty-Salhany

Associate Professor of History, Brock University

“Brothers in Arms: Freemasons and the War of 1812”

2013: Prof. Joy Porter

Professor of Indigenous History, Hull University

“Native American Freemasonry: From Joseph Brant to the 21st Century”

2012: Prof. Steven Bullock

Professor of History, Humanities & Arts – Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWorcester Polytechnic Institute

“The Heart of Masonry: Upstate New York and the New Nation, 1776-1826”

2011: Prof. Jessica Hartland-Jacobs

Associate Professor of History, University of Florida

“Global Fraternalism: Canadian Freemasons, the British Empire, and the World”

2010: Dr. Andreas Önnerfors

Director, Centre for Research into Freemasonry, University of Sheffield

“Perceptions of Freemasonry from the 18th century to the Internet”