Research Time Award

The Faculty of Humanities will provide a research time stipend equivalent to one ‘P’ course per academic year. Funding for the award will come from the Faculty of Humanities part-time teaching budget. The award will be adjudicated by the Advisory Board of the Humanities Research Institute.

All full-time (tenured, probationary, LTA, or ILTA) members of the Faculty of Humanities are eligible to be considered for this award.

A faculty member who receives this award will not be eligible to apply again until thirty-six months after the expiration of the award.

Applications are due on December 1st  for a release that will be used in the following academic year. Please note that applications for a release in the academic year 2020-2021 will be due on January 6th, 2020. Awards cannot be postponed, deferred, or transferred. Members who receive this award may not teach on overload during the life of the award.

An application must include:

  1. Description of the project for which release is sought; (approximately 1 page)
  2. Description of how a teaching release at this time will advance the project (approximately 1 page);
  3. Identification of any deviations from the normal 2:2 teaching load in the previous three academic years, and the reasons for these;
  4. An up-to-date curriculum vitae;
  5. Signature of the applicant’s Department Chair or Centre Director, acknowledging the application.

Submit an application

Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the deadline. Forward to the HRI ( Only electronic applications will be accepted.