2022 English MA Colloquium – April 26th

“Murmurations at the Ends of the World”

2022 Brock University English Graduate Student Colloquium 

Just as our world is filled with constant beginnings, so too are there endings—some mundane, some world-shaking. What do we do when we confront these endings, whether they be imposed by limitation of space and place, the mind, or time itself? How do we make sense of the constellations of subjectivities and ideas that make us who we are, and further, what do we do when they all fall apart?

Featuring English MA’s:  
Emma D’Amico, Emily Franzo, Katrina Garofalo, Hugh Hunt, Burke MacGillivray, Derek Novosad,
Kira Robb, Nancy Shoalts, Alex Wedler, Genevieve Wilson, Maddie Young and
GPD Gale Coskan-Johnson

View the students projects below:

Emma D’Amico:
Making Kin: Collective Healing in The Overstory

Emily Franzo:
“Maybe The End Is Just A Dream”: Indigenous Post-Apocalyptic Fiction and Reading Residential School Literatures

Katrina Garofalo:
Dreaming California: Style, Genre, and the Didion Gaze 

Hugh Hunt:
“nothing confused in there”: Myth, Heteroglossia and The Collected Words of Billy and the Kid

Burke MacGillivray:
Langtoft’s Chronical of England and Edward’s Colonial Agenda

Derek Novosad:
Faithful Infidelity: Interrogating Character and Questioning the Sources of Adaptation in The Walking Dead(s)

Kira Robb:
Our Lurking Fears: H.P. Lovecraft’s Cosmic Horror and the Curse of Madness

Nancy Shoalts:
Trauma and Transformation: The Power of Storytelling in Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse

Alex Wedler:
“Must I have thee Paradise?”: Environmental and Exilic Intersections in Milton’s Paradise Lost

Genevieve Wilson:
“The Beef with the Alt-Right”: The Myth of Self- Sufficiency

Maddie Young:
“Seed to tree, tree to forest”: Octavia Butler’s Visionary Fiction and Approaches to Intergenerational Optimism

Each year the Brock University English Language and Literature Graduate Program hosts a graduate student colloquium. This annual event invites graduate students to present their Masters Research Project. This year’s event will be held in a hybrid format where those who are unable to attend in person can visit the student virtually via TEAMS. Those who can attend in person can visit the student at Sankey Chambers.