Students and alumni

Current graduate students, their research interests, and major research paper topics:

Brian Abfal
Interests: archaeology, Roman Britain, archaeological ethics, cultural and ethnic identity.

Natalie Armistead
Interests: ancient art and architecture

Sydney Bryk
Interests: Maritime archaeology, digital humanities, Aegean Bronze Age archaeology, Greek-Egyptian trade

Rick Castle
Interests: women in the ancient world, women in Greek myth, ancient sexuality

Vanessa Cimino
Interests: ancient slavery, Hellenistic history

Marina Ekkel
Interests: Greek history, Herodotus, early international relations

Jordan Garner
Roman art and archaeology, Roman imperial propaganda, Classical art and mythology

Nicole Gavin
Neolithic and Bronze Age trade in the Aegean, maritime archaeology

Esther Knegt
 Greek and Roman literature and language; ancient sanctuaries and temples; ancient identity; archaeology

Michael Lukkarinen
Roman expansion, Romanization, Latin authors, Roman archaeology

Simone Mollard
Greek literature, tragedy, and gender and sexuality

Heather Roy
Roman Archaeology, Roman art, mosaics, Late Roman history


What have some of our recent graduates been doing since they completed their degrees?

  • PhD programs at SUNY Buffalo, University of Chicago, University of Cincinnati, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Toronto, Western University, York University
  • Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Fellowships at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens
  • Master’s program in conservation at the Getty Institute in Los Angeles
  • Bachelor’s of Education program at Brock University
  • Archival work for the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Archaeological illustration work for classical archaeologists and social historians working in Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey
  • Cultural resource management and contract archaeology in Ontario
  • Editorial intern for Canadian Scholars’ Press
  • Employment at the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at Brock University
  • Employment at the Ministry of Education in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Law clerk
  • Market research manager at Intuit
  • Project Coordinator for PI Fine Art/Creative Art
  • Social Media Coordinator for Faculty of Humanities, Brock University
  • Teaching at a community college in Ohio

Overseas projects

Current and former students have been or presently are involved in faculty research projects overseas in:

  • Bodrum, Turkey
  • Burgaz, Turkey
  • Gournia, Crete
  • Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Marzamemi, Italy
  • Nemea, Greece
  • Pantelleria, Italy

In addition, students have worked on campus and abroad on research and manuscript preparation for projects concerning gardens, gender, gladiators, Greek prostitution, shipwrecks, and slavery.

Thesis and Major Research Paper Topics

The following topics were addressed in some recently completed theses and major research papers (supervisor in brackets):

  • Motifs in Minoan wall painting (Smith)
  • Velleius Paterculus’ portrayal of Tiberius (Carter)
  • Speech acts in the Homeric Hymns (Nickel)
  • Mycenaean children’s burials (Smith)
  • The portraiture of Alexander the Great (Parker)
  • Animal similes in the Iliad and Odyssey (Nickel)
  • Spatial patterns in the Vatican necropolis (Burrell)
  • Archaeological ethics and the preservation of Cypriote antiquities (Greene)
  • The Attalids’ monumental building program (Greene)
  • Roman erotic tokens: their iconography and function (Glazebook)
  • Gender and healing in the Hippocratic Corpus (Glazebrook)
  • Propertius and Augustan identity (Merriam)
  • Early Christian attitudes toward the family (Dolansky)
  • Vision and perception in Euripides’ Hecuba (Greene)
  • Mycenaean hunting iconography (Smith)
  • Variations in Archaic coinage of Athens and Corinth (Greene)
  • Ancient Greek education and Xenophon (Glazebrook)
  • The myth of Procne, Tereus, and Philomela and the ‘other’ in Greek tragedy (Greene)
  • Attitudes to Animals in Plutarch (Carter)
  • Burial evidence for Romanization in Britannia (Murray)
  • Minoan foundation deposits during the Neopalatial period (Smith)
  • Rape narratives in Ovid’s Fasti (Dolansky)
  • Athenian naval strategy in the fifth century (Parker)
  • Female authority in the oikos (Glazebrook)
  • Dreams in Homer and Herodotus (Parker)
  • Shopping and marketplace in the Classical agora (Greene)
  • Psychology of Spartan hoplites (Parker)
  • Childhood disability in the Roman world (Dolansky)
  • Gender and Bodily Adornment in Grave Circle B at Mycenae (Smith)
  • Reuse in the walls of Athens (Greene)
  • Numidian elites and wars in North Africa in the third century BCE (Carter)
  • Separatism and the restoration of Rome’s western provinces (Carter)
  • The connection of the Akropolis korai to ancient Greek tragedy (Greene)