All are invited as CLAS 4P69/5V55 present their research projects on Dec. 6th, 2022

The Department of Classics and Archaeology is proud to present “Peoples, Plants, and Panthers: Exploring Environment and Ethnography in Roman Expansion”, a presentation of research projects from CLAS 4P69/5V55 Empire and Environment.

Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

Poster Presentations, 1-2 pm, GLB 3rd floor

“The Thracian Horseman in Imperial Roman Funerary Stelae: Appropriation or Appreciation?” Ethan Luckasavitch
“The Mighty Crocodiles of Roman Egypt” Ashley Rydzik
ExperienceBU event:

Graduate Symposium, 4-7pm, GLB 335

4:00-4:05 Introduction
4:05-4:35 “The Natural Resources of Anatolia: Experiential Empire in Pliny’s Natural HistoryMadelyn Huston
4:35-5:05 “The Lion & The Gladiator: Big Cats as Analogous to Subject Peoples”, Taylor Ménard
5:05-5:20 Intermission
5:25-5:55 “Syncretism and Imperium: Othering and Hybridization in the Imperial Cult of Provincial Achaea”, Sabrina Perreault
5:50-6:20 “Jewish Perceptions of Rome: The Limits of Imperial Hegemony in Judaea”, Samantha Fisher
6:20-6:50 “Ancient Truths and Modern Myths: Perceptions of Gallo-Roman Peoples Through French Museums”, Jessie Simpson
6:50-7:00 Final Discussion and Closing Comments

*The last ten minutes of each presentation slot are set aside for questions.
Light refreshments will be served.
ExperienceBU event:

All are welcome!

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