Brock University well represented at annual Classical Association of Canada Conference

Brock Classics faculty and alumni have a strong showing at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of Canada happening in London, ON this week, May 13-15:

Jazz Demetrioff, now at SUNY Buffalo, presents “Locating the Greek Bathroom: The Relationship between Sanitation, Hygiene, and Defecation”

Jordan Garner, now Sustainability and Community Learning Specialist for St. George’s School, Montreal, presents “Pandora’s Discipline: Lessons from a former Classicist” at Use Your Skills: Alt-Ac Pathways for Students of the Ancient World

Allison Glazebrook, Brock University, presents “Engaging the Public Using Pressbooks”

Alison Innes, now Social Media Coordinator for the Faculty of Humanities, Brock University, and co-host of MythTake and host of Foreword, is participating in a roundtable on Podcasting the Classics in Canada

Matthew Ludwig, now at University of Toronto, presents “Characterization and Time in Sophocles’ Ajax”

Edward Middleton, now at McMaster University, presents “Urban Infrastructure and Resilience in Hellenistic Thessaly”

Adam Rappold, Brock University, presents “We Could Be Heroes: Heroization, Myth, and Forgetting in Aeschylus’ Persians

Katharine T. von Stackelberg, Brock University, presents “Phew! I’m Not Pregnant!”: Large-Class Learning through Roleplay in a Roman Family”

Katharine T. von Stackelberg, Brock University, presents “Finding the Clitoris [in the Text]: Ecofeminist Approaches to Columella’s Garden”


For details on the conference, the full programme, abstracts, and registration see

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