You’re invited to attend the Crossing Borders Keynote with Dr. Daniel J. Broyld

The Centre for Canadian Studies will host the Crossing Borders Interdisciplinary Student conference and would like to invite everyone to attend the Keynote by Daniel J. Broyld, Fulbright Research Chair in Transnational Studies, Brock University, and Associate Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University.

The Keynote is titled “Douglass, Tubman & Brown: Recasting Their Fight for Black Liberation in the Transnational Light of Rochester and St. Catharines.”  The story that is best known of Rochester and St. Catharines before the Civil War is a one-way flow of the “Underground Railroad” (America-to-Canada). But the relationship is actually much more complex–the doors of the border swung open in both directions–and this is clearly articulated by way of Douglass, Tubman, and Brown. Moving them away from the local and national context, and into the transnational and international conversation is more befitting of the global world we live in today, and moreover better reflects their historical disposition beyond the domestic. Douglass, Tubman, and Brown had to negotiate the overlapping worlds of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and the African Diaspora. All three leaders, understood that the lives of Blacks in the borderlands of Rochester and St. Catharines were intertwined by shared newspapers, annual celebrations, religious organizations, as well as kinship and friendship ties that were reinforced by regular border crossings. Douglass, Tubman, and Brown enjoyed the two-way flow of people, ideas, and social networks, between the two cities and neighboring nations.

This event is being held in the Sean O’Sullivan Lecture Theatre, Brock University on Friday March 16 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  All welcome!