Volunteer With Us

Our office provides opportunity for students to get involved in social justice issues and advocate for change on campus. By volunteering with HRE, you will meet new people, become an active member on campus, and build connections with students, faculty and staff. 

Available Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in creating a culture of equity, human rights, and diversity on campus? Join our volunteering team to aid our team with education and event organization efforts! This opportunity will provide you with tons of applicable volunteering experience. Also, we offer our volunteers many different perks some of which include:

  • HRE Volunteer Certificate after completing 10 hours of volunteering.
  • Gender and Sexual Violence Education Certificate credits when participating in workshops.
  • Reference letters if requested.

Are you passionate about Social issues and human rights? Apply for advocates for change and join a diverse team of individuals to promote events and engage the student body


  • Receiving HRE merchandise gift boxes!
  • Receiving a pin that recognizes your advocacy!

Sign Up Now!

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We will be in contact with you about training and opportunities to fulfill your hours. You can also email our volunteer coordinators, Emily and Aayushi to directly apply for a volunteering position.

Why Volunteer with Human Rights and Equity?

Volunteering with Human Rights & Equity gives students, staff and faculty opportunities to spend time with like minded people. It is a great opportunity to meet friends and network acquaintances. You will obtain a certificate of appreciation after volunteering for a set number of hours.

  • We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunity based on availability. 
  • Some activates include, tabling, set-up/ help hosting for events, engaging with students, etc. 
  • No. We acknowledge that students, staff and faculty have limits on how many hours they can volunteer. 
  • To recognize the hard work and dedication of our volunteers we offer a Volunteer Certificate for those who have volunteered 10 hours or more. 

“Human Rights and Equity means creating a truly safe world for all people to grow and prosper.”

-Teagan 2019/2020 P2P HRE team member

“Equity involves accountability for people when members of their group are involved with the oppression of others.  Passivity allows for the prosecution of racialized people.  White people need to be accountable.”

-Aishah, Former Volunteer & 2019/2020 P2P Member

“Human Rights and Equity means removing systemic barriers and having everyone on a level playing field”

-Daman, 2020 P2P Team Member

There are many ways to get involved with Human Rights and Equity if you cannot volunteer! Check out our events page to see our current workshops, training, events, and online engagements!