Sexual Violence Prevention Training

Brock University is committed to training on the topic of sexual violence for any and all community members.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact:
Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator
Larisa Fry
MC E215
905 688 5550 x 6174

Available Training Includes:

15 min pop-in sessions for lectures, seminars or meetings. This is in introduction to the Office of HRE and the Sexual Violence policy and individual support.

Centered on the concept of community responsibility for all individuals, this session will aim to address and intervene in sexual misconduct and assault scenarios. Active Bystander research shows that empathy, action plans, and a sense of responsibility are integral to an individual’s willingness and ability to safely intervene.

Information and consultation- Review and information sharing of the SAHP.

  • Disclosure training- for faculty, staff, and administration. This training centres on trauma-informed care, empathetic response, and accommodation support. It introduces the BEST protocol and outlines how to support our follow Brock Community members.
  • Consent – explores the topic of consent and considers the challenges in asking and giving of this permission.

Monthly sessions that provide an overview of HRE, school policies and how to be an active Brock community member.

  • Small group- discussions
  • Broztalk
  • Information
  • Workshops series
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