Say Hi to the P2P Team!

Say hi to our summer P2P team! Our team is made up of undergrad, grad, and international students.

P2P refers to our Peer 2 Peer support team. HRE’s P2P team staffs HRE SV drop-in centre, which is located in TH 134A. The P2P team is familiar with resources both on and off campus that pertain to human rights and sexual violence, as well as Brock’s policy on sexual assault and harassment. The P2P team is also responsible for facilitating HRE SV workshops and events. 

Talia Ritondo

Hi, My names Talia and I’m a Peer 2 Peer support member for the Human Rights and Equity Office. I am also a second year master student studying recreation, gender and leisure. I am very proud to be a Brock University community member because I feel we prioritize students, staff and faculty. I also believe Brock is very invested in creating an inclusive and safe environment for all of its community members.

Mackenzie Rockbrune

Hey there! I’m a third year student in the CPCF department here at Brock. I’ve been working with HRE’s P2P team for a year now. My favourite project is our SV certificate series and first year talks. I get to talk to so many wonderful people throughout all our programs. Feel free to email me or say hi anytime you see me around campus!