Ramadan Notes for 2022

Many table top lanters embedded with Islamic art stacked upon each other

Ramadan is scheduled according to the lunar calendar- April 1st to May 1st, 2022.

Practicing Muslims will fast from dawn until dusk (approximately 6:30AM to 8:30PM in the Niagara Region). Fasting means no food and NO WATER. During Ramadan, gatherings and prayers often last late into the night; people may be up past midnight for prayers and then awake at 4:30AM to eat before dawn.

While this is an annual event, individuals may be hungry, tired, and dehydrated, particularly during the late afternoon and evening. Academic accommodations on religious grounds are made in collaboration with individual instructors. If you need assistance in this regard (as a student or faculty member), contact Human Rights and Equity (humanrights@brocku.ca).

Want to learn more?

Please visit the links below to to learn more about Ramadan, and how to accommodate Islamic religious practices in the workplace:

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Thank you for listening. This is page is a public service announcement from Human Rights & Equity, Brock Muslim Students Association, and Brock Faith and Life Centre.