Peer 2 Peer Support Drop-In

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Peer 2 peer support; vitrual drop in and safe space

Days – Hours – Room Links

P2P on-campus drop-ins are back with a new space – TH 128A! They will be hosted Monday through Thursday every week. Please look below for times, days, and type (online and/or in-person).

Not on-campus? You can still drop in on our online session at the same time.

You can also send disclosures to

Please join our Drop-In sessions anonymously. See instructions below.



Come drop by our virtual drop-in space this semester! Our P2P team will be there Monday through Thursday to offer you support, resources, or just someone to talk to.

Our P2P team is composed of Undergraduate and Graduate students who:

  • Are trained in receiving disclosures
  • Are familiar with Brock’s Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy, and Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy
  • Can direct you to available on and off-campus resources
  • Are here to listen

Meet our P2P team!

Our team is made up of undergrad, grad, and international students.

P2P refers to our Peer 2 Peer support team. HRE’s P2P team staffs HRE GSV drop-in centre, which is located in Thistle (TH) 128A! Our services are online and in-person.

The P2P team is familiar with resources both on and off campus that pertain to human rights and sexual violence, as well as Brock’s policy on sexual assault and harassment. The P2P team is also responsible for facilitating HRE SV workshops and events.