Learn and Educate About Racial Injustice


Part of combating racial injustice is taking the time to educate yourself and others about where it stems from, and how it impacts racialized communities in society. Learning about racial issues is also the first step in becoming an active-ally. Please consult the resources below to learn about and educate others on racial injustice.

Educating Yourself

Natalie Morris’ Metro.co.uk’s article about the importance of setting boundaries about educating others, and why asking BIPOC people about racism can be taxing.

A guide put together by Victoria Alexander (2020) for those looking to broaden their understanding of anti-racism and get involved to combat racism, specifically as it relates to anti-Blackness and police violence.

An extensive list of practices, resources, research, and more organized by Racialequitytools.org to help people understand whiteness and white privilege’s effect on racialized communities and society.

Book Cover of the Skin We're In

Resources about Racism, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Blackness

An examination of racism in Canada and it’s effect on racialized communities, explored by Desmond Cole, celebrated Black Canadian journalist.

A list of 10 Canadian Books about racism, anti-racism, and anti-blackness to read and learn about racism affecting Canadians. Put together by Casey the Lesbrarian.

Brock Library has gathered a collection of books, eBooks, and free streaming videos on Anti-Black Racism and White Privilege.

An article by Laila El Mugammar about policing Black voices on Canadian University campuses.

National Museum of African American History & Culture’s socio-historical guide about implicit bias, structural racism, and learning how to be anti-racist.

JSTOR’s collection of essays for students who want to learn more about institutionalized racism, and it’s affects on racialized individuals.

Teaching Children about Racism

Children learn unconsciously learn about race and racism as young as three years old. Here’s Alex Mlynek’s (2017) guide to learning how to talk to children about racism, no matter their age.

Embracerace.org’s compilation of children’s books that may help facilitate conversations with family members about race, racism, and resistance.

An extensive list from Blackmomscollection.org of online resources, articles, educational resources, children’s books, and more.

The Centre for Racial Justice in Education has put together a list of resources such as expert interviews, guides, articles, and examples for talking about racism with kids.

Plenty of resources about educating young children about race. Resources include Podcasts, articles, books for children and adults, toys, and more.

Ready to be an Active-Ally?

Now that you’ve learnt about Racial Injustice and its affects on racialized communities, learn how to become an Active-Ally.

Ready to Take Action?

Now that you’ve learnt about Racial Injustice, learn how to  effectively Take Action and support racialized communities.