Healing from Racial Injustice


Survival and self-care are important to prioritize after experiencing or witnessing racial injustice. Taking care of yourself and your community through self-care that works for you is a key aspect of recovery. Please take a look at the resources below for self-care suggestions, and check out our Gender and Sexual Violence Trauma and Self-Care resource page for general self-care ideas. 

Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash

A collection of Black Therapeutic Supports, Trauma-Informed Grounding Techniques, Black Legal Resources and Community Services, Black Support Phone Lines, Affirming Black Content, and Music for Black Healing, Grieving, etc.. All located in the Greater Toronto Area.

An article from Vice.com about things you might do to get a tiny bit of relief after feeling sad, angry, or overwhelmed because of racial injustice.

An excellent catalogue of Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs local to large cities throughout Canada.

The Niagara Regional Native Centre offers many programs for Indigenous people of all ages to engage in healing and wellness, and access education, safe spaces, shelters, and community justice supports.

The Healing and Wellness branch of the Métis Nation of Ontario facilitates programs, services, and activities to address the holistic needs of Métis people in Ontario at the provincial, regional, and local levels. Please check out their website for services in Ontario near you.

Brock Services for Self-Care

An anti-racism resource guide for BIPOC individuals in the Niagara area. Contents include on and off-campus religious associations, grocery stores, restaurants, community supports, services and more.

The guide is currently being updated! Please stay tuned for a new version.

A safe space on campus for Indigenous-identifying students that provide support and resources to enhance their academic success and cultural identity at Brock.

Brock’s Faith and Life Centre provides both religious and secular opportunities for friendships, education, counseling, critical thinking about religion, and personal growth.