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If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911 or contact Campus Security.

Where do I Start? What are my Options?

Trauma can be an individual or collective issue that affects people in different ways. Everyone reacts, processes and heals differently after experiencing violence. Our office is here to help find what works for you. Please take a look at the options below to see how we can help.

Consult our guide on how to stay S.A.F.E. after experiencing any act of sexual violence. Visit this page now.

Our office takes your privacy very seriously. It is important for you to know how we work towards maintaining your privacy while operating underneath the university’s Safe Disclosure Policy. Please visit our Confidentiality page for details about the policy, and the level of confidentiality you can expect when speaking to us.

It is important to seek medical attention after experiencing an assault, even if there are no visible injuries, or you don’t want to report to the police. We can also connect you to services that will accompany you to a health care provider.

Visit our Get Medical Attention page for details on where to go.

Connect to community services that are available to you on and off campus to get the support you need. Our resource list is a compilation of physical health services, mental health services, on and off-campus reporting options, and more Brock resources that are available for anyone to use at any time.

Click here to Connect to Resources and Services.

Brock University offers many options for you disclose or report what has happened. Visit our Sexual Violence Report and Disclosing Options page to take a look at what we can offer, and what each process is like. Please contact if you have any questions about our options.

Our trauma and self-care page is here to give you a basic understanding of how trauma can affect individuals, while providing various resources to help you be mindful, reconnect with yourself, and take a break. We have many tools, including a guide to creating a self-care plan, help with procrastination, and colouring books! Check it out here.

This program aims to provide Brock University faculty, staff and students the ability to choose the counsellor they would like to work with when addressing sexual violence concerns. Individuals are identified through the completion of a needs assessment conducted by the Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator. If approved as eligible to participate in the program, the client will have the opportunity to select their counsellor of choice from a list of eligible service providers.

Once the client has selected a counsellor, they will inform the Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator who will notify the chosen counsellor and provide them with a unique client identification number for billing purposes. Clients will arrange their own appointments directly with the service provider and any counselling services provided will be documented through a signed attendance sheet. Clients are eligible to receive up to $800 in survivor-based counselling services or $500 in respondent-care. Counsellors will invoice Brock University directly for the services provided, up to the eligible maximums, which will be paid following receipt of appropriate documentation.

Meet Our Team

Tassia Gabbidon

Tassia is Human Rights and Equity’s Gender and Sexual Violence Intake and Support Coordinator. She is the first person you will speak to if you reach out to us for support. Using a trauma-informed approach, she is there just to have a chat, letting you direct the flow of conversation, and inform you of your options.


Office: Mackenzie Chown Block E 215


Peer 2 Peer Support Team

Our Peer 2 Peer Team is a group of highly trained student sexual violence workers, available to provide support to those who seek out our office in a variety of ways including:  

  • Connecting individuals with sexual violence support 
  • Providing informal and formal opportunities to disclose or talk about sexual violence
  • Leading educational workshops on sexual violence  
  • Facilitating sexual violence training throughout Brock