Free Chest Binders and Breast Forms Program

About the Free Chest Binders and Breast Forms Program

Brock students can receive FREE Chest Binders and Breast Forms from the Student Justice Centre! Students can fill out the form found below, and we will purchase a chest binder or set of breast forms that meet their needs, and have it mailed to their address of choice.

Brock students are limited to one Chest Binder per term (Fall, Winter, & Spring/Summer) or one set of breast forms per year. Please note folks must be registered Brock students to qualify.

We also provide information on general tips for safe binding to students who receive free Chest Binders.

If you need any support completing the form below, please email Rabia at

Chest Binders

Chest Binders will be purchased from gc2b transition apparel, a trans owned and operated, based in Maryland USA.

Breast Forms

Breast forms will be purchased from either:
GenderGear – trans and gender variant worker-owned cooperative in Ontario.

Come As You Are – The world’s only worker-owned co-operative sex shop, and with a fundamentally anti-capitalist and feminist approach to sexual pleasure, health, and education.

urBasics – a trans-owned and operated company based in Toronto.

The Breast Form Store – A family-owned company based in Vancouver.

Free Chest Binders & Breast Forms!

Brock University students can receive free Chest Binders and Breast Forms from your Student Justice Centre!

    This program is only applicable to current Brock University students.
    If you selected "Your Address", please fill out the Address portion below. If you selected "SJC Office", we will notify you when your order has arrived to arrange a pick up.
  • Please enter your FULL address, including Unit Number if applicable.
    Please select one option!
    Please select one option!
  • Please indicate the size of breast forms you would like here (according to the options on their websites).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.