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SV Programs and Events

The Human Rights and Equity Office offers a series of workshops aimed to raise awareness for issues of sexual violence. These workshops take an intersectional approach to confronting sexual violence by highlighting different communities’ perspectives. Those who complete 5 workshops over the course of the year will be awarded the Sexual Violence Education and Support Certificate. Those who complete all 7 workshops will be awarded the Advanced Sexual Violence Education and Support Certificate. 

  • Check out the schedule for our ongoing sexual violence education and support workshop series on ExperienceBU. 

We host free 45-minute presentations about Sexual Violence and its intersections with other systems of power.

  • Consent and Disclosure 
  • Indigenous Perspectives  
  • LGBTQ2S+ Perspectives  
  • BIPOC Perspective  
  • Restorative Justice  
  • Self-Care 
  • Trauma   


Workshops In Development

  • International Perspectives
  • Masculinity

If you have feedback or suggestions for the SV certificate program please email

Brock Human Rights and Equity offers Peer to Peer drop-in at room Thistle 126 A. The drop-in run from September to April during the academic school year. Those who attend the P2P drop-in will be able to receive information on services provided at Brock and within the community that pertain to sexual violence and human rights issues. The team is trained to create a space where people can feel safe to make disclosures, find resources and learn more about the HRE department at Brock. 


**Please Note: The drop in will not be open during COVID-19. Please keep updated with Brock University and HRE’s sites to see our current availability and opening date.**

 Brock Human Rights and Equity offers Peer to Peer drop-in at room Thistle 126 A. The dropin run from September to April during the academic school year. Those who attend the P2P drop-in will be able to receive information on services provided at Brock and within the community that pertain to sexual violence and human rights issues. The team is trained to create a space where people can feel safe to make disclosures, find resources and learn more about the HRE department at Brock. 

We provide customized training upon request for groups and departments in our community. If you are interested, please contact or book online here.

Some of the customized training completed are:

  • Fraternity & Sorority Training  
  • Faith-Based Consent and Disclosure (Christianity, Islam, Judaism)  
  • Campus Club Introduction to HRE & Consent  
  • Stop Light Shot Bar Training (Active By-Stander Intervention) 
  • Departmental Introduction Training

We offer an Advocates of Change (men’s programming) series. This enables the male and male identifying members in the Brock community to discuss taboo and male orientated topics.  Throughout the year the male orientated programming hosts multiple events, series, and programs. To check what events are happening now go on ExperienceBU.

To find out more please contact

Men's programming group.
The men's programming group preparing for Mancakes.

Online Webinars

We offer weekly online Instagram Live discussions on Thursdays @ 4 pm. Tune in to our weekly topics to listen to HRE’s awareness and information of the week!

Check Out Our Archived Videos Here

Kulture Korner

Kulture Korner is our Peer to Peer Sexual Violence Education and Support Team’s monthly recommendationsKulture Korner’s goal is to engage the Brock community with unique recommendations to educate and expose student, staff and faculty to new culture.  

  • The recommendations are on the topics of: 
    • Music  
    • Movies  
    • Art 
    • Writing/ Poetry 
    • Local Talent 

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Join one of HRE’s volunteer units and get comprehensive hand on experience in Human Rights and Equity. To find out more check out our Volunteer With Us Page! 

SV Campaigns 

The HRE SV team has facilitates many events over the course of the school year to help educate the Brock community and raise awareness for issues that pertain to human right and sexual violence. Some of our events include: 

Art Speaks is an art show that features art pieces submitted by students with the overall theme of human rights. Art Speaks illuminates the talent that the Brock student community possesses as well as ignites discussions on social justice issues. 

BrozTalk is a learning and social experience for men and men-identifying students to  discuss masculinity, gender, culture, and how men can be allies and supporters in incidents of sexual violence as well as affected by sexual violence themselves. The goal is to discuss what students think around: who is a man? What makes a man a man? Who taught you to be a man? Are you comfortable in your own skin or are you wearing a mask?

 Consent Week revolves around providing the Brock community with opportunities to discuss and explore issues surrounding consent. Consent Week features many activities for the Brock community to participate in, such as games and workshops. Consent Week takes place in January. 

The HRE Film Series is an ongoing event that gives Brock students the opportunity to attend regularly scheduled film screenings of films that explore human rights issues or offer commentary on social justice. The Film Series also invites attendees to participate in a group discussion after the film. 

A free, campus-wide event in November that aims to highlight how the Brock community — particularly male students — can better participate in the dialogue surrounding sexual violence.The event is run by the Human Rights and Equity (HRE) office in conjunction with the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), Student Health and Wellness Hub and various community partners, including the Niagara Sexual Assault Centre, White Ribbon Campaign and Sigma Chi Fraternity, which has a chapter at Brock.

Unblur the Lines is an opportunity for students to engage in discussions about consentThe Unblur the Lines events take place in March and October and features a wellness fair in collaboration with the HUB and other community partners. 

Sex Talks is an event aimed for first-year Brock students that focuses on creating dialogue about consent, sexual violence, and sexual health in a quiz-show format. Sex Talks is done in collaboration with the HUB. 

We Believe You Week runs in the end of September. The week is dedicated to believing survivors and raising awareness of sexual assault.

The REDress Project focuses around the issue of missing or murdered Aboriginal women across Canada. This projects goal is to increase awareness regarding the missing and murdered women, girls and two-spirit genocide, as well as work to uplift Indigenous voices on this land. This event runs annually in February.